The Setup Tour 2012!

Marques Brownlee
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This is the Setup Tour Project! Thumbs UP if you want this every year!
The MKBHD Tour begins at 11:05
View all the submissions here:
0:38 JosiahsTech:
0:52 Mae Ki:
1:10 Masterpiece03c:
1:29 Tomas Villegas:
1:48 Alim Haque:
2:14 Rayfila97:
Pixel Lovers
2:27 Mightymikey246:
2:47 Vincent Lien:
3:11 JTechAppleTV:
3:39 TrumpsTechTalk:
3:53 DennyKnott:
4:20 KylesTech:
4:38 Tzurma:
5:10 Technologetic:
5:28 Dekoomers:
Audio Lovers
5:53 Andrew Gulotta:
6:19 MegaGeekTutorials:
6:43 TrustMacintosh:
7:01 TrustMacintosh:
7:18 Jamie Velente:
7:47 SilencedMi5:
8:04 PeakEleven:
8:43 A11021058:
9:19 UrAvgConsumer:
9:36 Christian Ruiz:
10:07 MikesiPadHelp00:
10:29 JGAndRoot:
10:50 JoshIsNice:
Outro Track: "Channel 41" by Deadmau5
Intro Track: AsdfMovieSong


    7 mánuðum síðan

    That paperclip headphone stand is brilliant. Defenitely using it.

    7 mánuðum síðan

    6:53 I'm still using that monitor today. Looks great

  3. duxsty duck
    duxsty duck
    8 mánuðum síðan

    I'm from future like E3 2019 and Apple lunched a Stand called "Pro stand" It was a Monitor stand Which costs You $999 And the funny thing is People would buy because Its an Iphone!!!!!

  4. Akash Garg
    Akash Garg
    Ári síðan

    who is watching this in 2018?

  5. sphinxman90
    2 árum síðan

    Go back to this intro music! Classic!

  6. Austin Hall
    Austin Hall
    3 árum síðan

    Holy crap, UrAvgConsumer's setup in this vid was weak compared to his Game Room now!!

  7. Djekeksmdmd Ckkxk
    Djekeksmdmd Ckkxk
    3 árum síðan

    2016 version?

  8. Akmal Kadirov
    Akmal Kadirov
    4 árum síðan

    setup tour project 2016

    1. 01001101 01100101 01101101 01100101 01110011
      01001101 01100101 01101101 01100101 01110011
      3 árum síðan

      He recently changed setups

    2. Will Boggs
      Will Boggs
      3 árum síðan

      He only does them when he changes setups

  9. Josh LeRose
    Josh LeRose
    4 árum síðan

    Setup Tour Project 2016??

    4 árum síðan

    will You be doing any Full Room Tour anytime soon?

  11. Jonathan Hanks
    Jonathan Hanks
    4 árum síðan

    Watching some of these tours made me cringe so hard

  12. J.A.A
    4 árum síðan

    *note to self* 19:36

  13. jon S
    jon S
    4 árum síðan

    He is definitely advertising Cheerios. All through out the video of 'the fastest Mac mini in the world' you see Cheerios in the background. Getting hungry now.

  14. Arul Prakash Samathuvamani
    Arul Prakash Samathuvamani
    4 árum síðan

    Too Long Maybe

    1. Alex Wilson
      Alex Wilson
      4 árum síðan

      +Arul Prakash Watch the 2014 edition, it's over 2 hours long!

  15. Moe Chamas
    Moe Chamas
    4 árum síðan

    @wwjoshdew at 10:50

  16. george coll
    george coll
    4 árum síðan

    SO MANY MACS !!! i dont even own one

  17. suliman khayyat
    suliman khayyat
    4 árum síðan

    It's really funny how most people have to wear headphones in america because of noise complaints, whereas house's are made of concrete here in saudi. I go loud as hell and barely anyone cares.

    1. suliman khayyat
      suliman khayyat
      4 árum síðan

      @That Kid Gamer Haha, yeah

    2. Fahad Aljarbua
      Fahad Aljarbua
      4 árum síðan

      @suliman khayyat i live in saudi too, i can scream in my room and no one hears it

  18. DJ Matics
    DJ Matics
    5 árum síðan

    hey Marques whats with the Cheerios? lol

  19. Mitch Buckey
    Mitch Buckey
    5 árum síðan

    If you want to try out new studio monitors. Look at Yamaha hs8's with iso-acoustic stands

  20. Amanda Woolsey
    Amanda Woolsey
    5 árum síðan

    desk @ 1:14?! Anyone

    1. PaulBeats
      5 árum síðan

      Try quicklok if u want one

  21. fat cunt
    fat cunt
    5 árum síðan

    8:44 my f#$% ears!!!!1.

  22. Wills Vids
    Wills Vids
    5 árum síðan

    Why do so many people have macs

  23. irfan kobber
    irfan kobber
    5 árum síðan


  24. The Bolt Gaming
    The Bolt Gaming
    5 árum síðan

    7:02 does anyone knows the song??

    1. Wills Vids
      Wills Vids
      5 árum síðan

      Darude sandstorm

    2. The Bolt Gaming
      The Bolt Gaming
      5 árum síðan

      @LRMTB thx

    3. LRMTB
      5 árum síðan

      It's part of iMovies built in audio loops in the hip-section I believe.

  25. Direct Dubs Project
    Direct Dubs Project
    5 árum síðan

    Someday I will custom build a PC. Deciding to invest In a sweet pair of headphones and amp and dedicated music player instead.

    1. Direct Dubs Project
      Direct Dubs Project
      5 árum síðan

      Of coarse I would hackintosh it!!

  26. Frederik Thoft
    Frederik Thoft
    5 árum síðan

    whats the macbook pro charger/holder at 4:15 called?

  27. tyler carless
    tyler carless
    5 árum síðan

    Hey I setting vidoes next year I what show you my new set up for 2015

  28. Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz
    5 árum síðan

    which monitor do u use?

    1. Wills Vids
      Wills Vids
      5 árum síðan

  29. Jose Antonio Alarcon
    Jose Antonio Alarcon
    5 árum síðan

    You have a cereal box on your desk. weird..

    1. Batman
      5 árum síðan

      cherrios sponsors him

  30. iamtheSpicer
    5 árum síðan

    Dear Mapple!

  31. MaxTech11
    5 árum síðan

    gwt windows vista

  32. Arturo Garcia
    Arturo Garcia
    5 árum síðan

    whats the name of the red and black spekers ?

    1. XanderWildeMusic
      5 árum síðan

      iKey Audio m505 v2

  33. Joshua Cela
    Joshua Cela
    5 árum síðan

    Fap Station?!?!?!

  34. hakam soufan
    hakam soufan
    5 árum síðan


  35. billbill170
    5 árum síðan


  36. Dylan Purcell
    Dylan Purcell
    5 árum síðan

    The last one is the best and what desk is it

  37. Dylan Purcell
    Dylan Purcell
    5 árum síðan

    We're the desk from 1 St one

  38. Alex Shi
    Alex Shi
    5 árum síðan

    why dont u build ur own computer? get rid of the macs

    1. Noah Lach
      Noah Lach
      5 árum síðan

      @***** I've got a custom built rig for gaming, a MacBook Pro for anything else.

    2. Wills Vids
      Wills Vids
      5 árum síðan

      Yes iknew have nt they heard macs suck

    3. The Gypsay
      The Gypsay
      5 árum síðan

      I have both a macbook pro, for school use and other stuff, and a custom built pc for games

  39. Spencer Ussery
    Spencer Ussery
    5 árum síðan

    I think you just sold about 5000 desks :) Good vid man!

  40. Kyle Kleese
    Kyle Kleese
    5 árum síðan

    I don't understand why every Mac user I've ever met uses android phones, that's like driving a Ford while wearing all Chevrolet clothes.

  41. Lord Gestrüpp
    Lord Gestrüpp
    5 árum síðan

    how bout dat mouse pad tho?

  42. Duss T
    Duss T
    5 árum síðan

    nexus 7 looks like i pad air mini

  43. johnny min
    johnny min
    5 árum síðan

    Wtf do people need many phone

  44. Sparton 232
    Sparton 232
    5 árum síðan

    7:01 what speakers are those

  45. MichaelNickers
    5 árum síðan

    5:20 I want that screen saver!

  46. Bradley Clark
    Bradley Clark
    5 árum síðan

    I love the way he says drawers.

  47. Jihad Abo Daya
    Jihad Abo Daya
    5 árum síðan

    what about the chair ?

  48. Cam S
    Cam S
    5 árum síðan

    i love uniball pens

  49. Archie Moore
    Archie Moore
    5 árum síðan


  50. Henry Montero
    Henry Montero
    5 árum síðan

    My set up is just 2 LED dislpays a tv above them 2 BX8 speakers and a mac pro 2012

  51. Zach Lambert
    Zach Lambert
    5 árum síðan

    You should make a new setup one since its changed

  52. Jelle Peters
    Jelle Peters
    5 árum síðan

    Your wallpaper please!! @*****

  53. klaudiusz lewandowski
    klaudiusz lewandowski
    6 árum síðan

    7.15 doesn't know how to use monitor speakers

    1. Wills Vids
      Wills Vids
      5 árum síðan

      Just get headsets

    2. GamerBroniezInSession
      5 árum síðan

      Its called wanting and having better audio

  54. casey cheng
    casey cheng
    6 árum síðan

    I'm soooooo proud of there's so many setup stuffs are made in my small country 'taiwan 'such as ASUS ACER BIG love from TAIWAN

  55. Duke K
    Duke K
    6 árum síðan

    4:38 I think he's using V-modas yes!

  56. LearnToBlend
    6 árum síðan

    too many people are using magic mouses... so sad

  57. Pranjal Jagtap
    Pranjal Jagtap
    6 árum síðan

    I want you to make a setup tour on oly our current setup.

  58. fulgently
    6 árum síðan

    what speakers are your using?

  59. Peyton Shepherd
    Peyton Shepherd
    6 árum síðan

    After seeing some of these i realize i could of made it into this video

  60. Benjamin Gustavsen
    Benjamin Gustavsen
    6 árum síðan