Slumber Parties Are Witch Gatherings

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There are just a few too many creepy, occult practices surrounding slumber parties for me to ignore. I'm pretty sure we were all raised as witches.
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  1. robos hobos fan /tiktokfan sonicfan
    robos hobos fan /tiktokfan sonicfan
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    Annoying orange is subbed to you check his subscriptions

  2. Rylie S
    Rylie S
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    That jump scare just made me jump 2 feet in the air.

  3. kar
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    Is that wednesday addams i see

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    Tool Can
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    @let_me_explain_studios hello i am making a new video publishing server i would like you to help me out with it

  5. I could even learn how to love bees
    I could even learn how to love bees
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    .......REBECCA, ISpulse IS GONNA BE UNDER THE COPPA LAW IN JANUARY 1ST, 2020 SO SPREAD THE WORD! COPPA: It goes after channels that are child directed

  6. JaydenPlayz196
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    A Luigi Board XD

  7. Isabella Peterson
    Isabella Peterson
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    Who is your favorite kirby character

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    Leroy Kuro
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    Rebecca we need you to save family friendly content from COPPA!! #SaveISpulse

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    I love your animation

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    Hocus Pocus!!!!

  13. Obsidian Gacha
    Obsidian Gacha
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    I thought of pillow fights and truth or dare. I played mad libs on my first sleepover and lets just say, it was a dirty game of mad libs

  14. Little Leo
    Little Leo
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    Where is she I’m worried 😟

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    Ruby_Gacha YT
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    Did I just hear taht Lizzie Boardon took an axe?!!!!

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    Gaming 101
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    Make more scary videos I can take it and more scary singing

  17. Axell15 the Wisp Master
    Axell15 the Wisp Master
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    Dude I like the fact that you also drawn SomeThingElseYT and TheOddsoneOut like there the Summoned Demon and In Help Wizard for the ritual respectively (LOL).

  18. Isabella Hill
    Isabella Hill
    22 klukkustundum síðan

    I played Charlie Charlie at school and it works

  19. Potato Animations
    Potato Animations
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    Did anyone else at the end hear "hello my geeks and CREEPS"?

  20. Obi Dobi Wan Kenobi The Son Of Kenobi
    Obi Dobi Wan Kenobi The Son Of Kenobi
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    The way she said duck at 3:24 legit made me laugh for some reason

  21. Stitchandpotatos YT
    Stitchandpotatos YT
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    I never did any of these things when ever I go to my friends house we just play video games and watch movies

  22. Asahika The Yandere
    Asahika The Yandere
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    Who noticed Winne, Mary and Sarah?

  23. Ana Portillo
    Ana Portillo
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    I love that poem to 😁😁

  24. Tine ft.louise
    Tine ft.louise
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    0:28 i know them...

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    BECCA! This was supposed to me a secret....

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  27. Potato Boy
    Potato Boy
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    What I’m a doll of a witch

  28. The Gaming Animator
    The Gaming Animator
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    There was also truth and dare..but honestly, by highschool, it was all board games and video games.

  29. Gacha Roblox Red
    Gacha Roblox Red
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    When im at a sleepover me and my friends are just crackheads all night and play video games 🤣

  30. Giselle Cabrera
    Giselle Cabrera
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    When I'm at a sleepover I always cry I think because I don't have my mom even tho I'm 11 or I just I'ma scaredy cat

  31. Marion Stevens
    Marion Stevens
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    I’m a big fan

  32. Marion Stevens
    Marion Stevens
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    Hey can you do a q&a I’m a big and question do you have and still play old consoles like the n64

  33. Ellie Griffin
    Ellie Griffin
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    Rebecca, hi i have some horrible news about ISpulse, this video explains it , im begging you spread the news about whats happening, make a video, tell anyother creators that you know. I'm trying to spread the news to all the youtubers that i watch. Please im begging you tell anyone that relies even slightly on youtube.

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    cayden savoie
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  35. LuigiNoob546
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    yall when boys sleep over we put sheets over our heads and wrestle, and try and sneak the other person into the laundry room and into the washing machine

  36. TheRedPhoenix
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    My question is: why are james and adam at your slumber party

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    Your channel is in danger, please watch and spread the word:

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    I love you Rebecca and I like how you call me a little oddlelalie

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    sheana benoit
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    Can you do another starry story

  40. GoldenGalixi 1029
    GoldenGalixi 1029
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    I heard a door slam in my house and I’m home alone... this is some ironic shit, and I ain’t gonna live here anymore, bai bai :)

  41. Megatron1698
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    I didn't get invited to these ok with this

  42. David Blass
    David Blass
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    Ah, the most evil magic users of all: LAWYERS!

  43. Sybil Sokol
    Sybil Sokol
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    me to!!!! me which

  44. Sybil Sokol
    Sybil Sokol
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    i had a ghost friend. she wasn't being a good Friend. SHE SAID SHE WAS MY FRICKEN MOM. well, guess what, she was wrong.

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    You need to be aware of COPPA I don’t want you to get fined or taken down

  46. Lilly Ngo
    Lilly Ngo
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    I have a question Are you still getting does drawings out? From your video of drawings for RingLing College of Art and Design.

  47. Jack Of All Trades
    Jack Of All Trades
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    I think I actually wrote a nursery rhyme about the Manson Family for my creative writing assignment... Man, what's wrong with my brain.

  48. Ethan Lockwood-Morris
    Ethan Lockwood-Morris
    2 dögum síðan

    Literally just watched a video on the history of the lizzy Borden murders and the next vid is an amazing singer singing it

  49. Emily Balcer
    Emily Balcer
    2 dögum síðan

    If y’all never T-posed around a fire pit at 10pm with shirts pulled over your head, or when they slam the door in the early hours of the morning

  50. XxDetektivXxConanxXFanxx
    2 dögum síðan

    4:37 I seriously expected a jumspcare I almost dropped my croissant

  51. Tea Witch
    Tea Witch
    2 dögum síðan

    The only slumber party I ever attended (im an actual witch) some one who randomly hated me had a seizure and no one ever invited me to another slumber party ever again. I swear i didn't curse her i promise.

  52. Jack Riba
    Jack Riba
    2 dögum síðan

    5:15 that piece of cloth kind of looks like Jaiden animations.

  53. pirateplex
    2 dögum síðan

    1:13 the witch trials

    2 dögum síðan

    Me: watches intro Me: sees tabbes whith a bat Me:Oh shi*t she ready for a break in

  55. Bendy the devil
    Bendy the devil
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  56. Jack Riba
    Jack Riba
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    Jayden and the others are out like a light. Well except for Rebecca.

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  58. Ekra Hassan
    Ekra Hassan
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    what are the other animaters doing here

  59. Mireya Torrez
    Mireya Torrez
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    Why don't she make anymore I just started watching her again because I used to watch her on my old phone but I got a new one

  60. Rose Chaney
    Rose Chaney
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    In the dark of the night evil to find her