I Built a BASS Out of my YouTube Gold Play Button

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I Built the first ever ISpulse Gold Play Button BASS Guitar.

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    *checkmate youtube*

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      Davie504 8)

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      •Pedro Mota•
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      8:37 it's megalovania

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    Alexis Gaming pro style
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  7. Oliver the traveler seafarer
    Oliver the traveler seafarer
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    Hey! I saw the ship where I work! Where do u live?

  8. RiOT76AD
    3 klukkustundum síðan

    Really amazing insight into making a bass from scratch. Thank you! It was very interesting. :3

  9. Bean5S
    5 klukkustundum síðan

    hes not a pro unless davie504 payed $136.50 for him to make it

  10. Fuad Sholeh
    Fuad Sholeh
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    Gold youtuber

  11. Penny Gonawan
    Penny Gonawan
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    THAT was "''EPICC"" LMAO

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    Sharon Taylor, MD
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    Sub to Davie504 or I will slap you

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    6.9 million views? me: confirm

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    AGT TheLegend
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    Next goal is diamond play button bass..

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    6.9 million views, lmao

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  17. sleep john bee
    sleep john bee
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    The bass sounds very great

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    Harris Tahir
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    video has 6.9millon views

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    Daniel and Patrick Craziness
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    6.9 mil. views... ;| noice

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    Cristian P
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    Why is he wearing headsets the whole time?

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    All things Rats
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    6.9 million views lmao

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    Liked just for Davie drives a Toyota he knows quality .....

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    Raí mais frend

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    Send ME GOLD

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    Ranilo Teberio
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    You really never fail to amaze me

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    Unicorn Nations
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    6.9 million views nice

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    Kiel Adriel Laguatan
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    i got a bronze silver and gold and diamond play button thank youtube and epico youtube

  30. Nicole P.
    Nicole P.
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    Twoset Violin should definitely do this with a violin

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    Putra Habib Dhitareka
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    6.9m views, lol

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    He was playing meglavania

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    He has 2 gold play button

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    Kyronkirk Lastimoso
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    Maybe you buy it you cqn buy it you know

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    M.R zingerin
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    *comments* I did it. Send it....NOW!! Ok, tysm :3. Here's my mail:mar-...IM JK U IDIOT XD

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    JekoloveROG Republic of Gamers
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    Davie goes DIY

  37. ItzSSaiyan
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    This is beautiful you should use it in more vids srsly

  38. Srijit Mukherjee
    Srijit Mukherjee
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    6:15 corona: I'm gonna come early for you Davie: *CHECKMATE* !!

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    6.9 M views no one gets to watch this video anymore

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    wth is wrong with u>???

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    When now i watch this, it has 6.9 milion wiews

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    We did it! 6.9 million veiws!!!

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    6,9M views M I N D B L O W I N G

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    Kata Nerd
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    after 30 years that bass will cost 300million dollars :D

    Degi Síðan síðan

    2030: we will make a diamond button bass guitar

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    Wow the views is at 6.9mil views

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    Chi italiano

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    That's actually sick

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    6.9 million views

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    Lap Hedge
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    Is no one gonna mention about that shirt he is wearing?

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    ISpulse is gonna be maddd

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    this video has 6.9 LMAO mln views

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    This is, TOO epic to WATCH!

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    6.9M views, EPICO

  58. Hotrod420 NANI?!
    Hotrod420 NANI?!
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    Davie504: ISpulse Golden play button? More like ISpulse golden B A S S button

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    Chrisven Jay
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    I'm here watching at 6.9 mil views so slap like now to my comment.

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    zohmangaihi zohmangaihi
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    Davie504 play : slap King or Slap. io games

  61. mr meanwhile
    mr meanwhile
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    First song megalovania Second song giorano giovana theme

  62. Frank Mayhem
    Frank Mayhem
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    That solo was cold(epico). O....M....G!!!!

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    EJ Alcuizar
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    T H I C C

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    EJ Alcuizar
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    undertale megalovania!!!

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  68. Paul DOrtona
    Paul DOrtona
    2 dögum síðan

    KUDOS to the bass guitar builder ... Phenomenal work!! Davie504, your slap solos are always epic, but that was epically bad ass!!!

  69. Qeomani Khim
    Qeomani Khim
    2 dögum síðan

    THIS IS EPIC- Really creative. Never expected someone to do this with their play button.

  70. ToeKnee
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    Definitely NOT safe driving with headphones. NOT EPICC.

  71. Aiden Hansen
    Aiden Hansen
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    10:36 sExY bAsS

  72. Aiden Hansen
    Aiden Hansen
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    O logotipo ficou invertido ? 🤔

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    @Inutilismo 😏

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    What a craftsman, amazing work~

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    It costs 1000000$)))

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