iPhone 11 (parody)

23 864 Áhorf 2,4 m.

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  1. cool kidz
    cool kidz
    3 dögum síðan

    Apple is like the EA of phones

  2. Itsuki Mihara
    Itsuki Mihara
    5 dögum síðan

    1:32 He is not using the official charger

  3. Survival Real190loggedout
    Survival Real190loggedout
    5 dögum síðan

    Just wait til we get the iPhone 13 He’ll make a parody again and make fun of it

  4. SirMad
    9 dögum síðan


  5. Gavin The Crafter
    Gavin The Crafter
    9 dögum síðan

    You will never, ever play this game. You just won't.

  6. Tiggee
    10 dögum síðan


  7. Arindam Sinha
    Arindam Sinha
    12 dögum síðan

    I come every few weeks to hear him say: iPhOnE pWo

  8. ThatBoyErfan
    12 dögum síðan

    iPhone 11 pro max SEA... 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Aryaman
    15 dögum síðan

    iPhone 13 parody hype

  10. Porter Michaud
    Porter Michaud
    21 degi síðan síðan

    In this level...we find r selves in bathroom

  11. It’s Fun Time
    It’s Fun Time
    Mánuði síðan

    2 models iPhone colourful kid party and grownup dumb work tiny office

  12. GMTB
    Mánuði síðan

    what is the music at the end of the video? It is really good

  13. tutacat
    Mánuði síðan

    Great Jobs returns

  14. Fabian
    Mánuði síðan

    now im waiting for the airpods max parody. thats gonna be a firework of fun

  15. saif sufian
    saif sufian
    Mánuði síðan

    I’m watching this on an IPhone 11

  16. El Dolla Sign
    El Dolla Sign
    Mánuði síðan

    Waiting for new iPhone 5 oops pardon me iPhone 12 parody

  17. Baran lol
    Baran lol
    Mánuði síðan

    oh shit i thought were talking about the iphone 23, it looks the same

  18. AMF Productions
    AMF Productions
    Mánuði síðan

    0:58 tho

  19. KrazyKitty Kat
    KrazyKitty Kat
    2 mánuðum síðan

    0:06- You had me in the first half...

  20. Lucas Fulton
    Lucas Fulton
    2 mánuðum síðan

    “The IPhone 11 Pro Max SEA Sports”. As someone who plays madden, I died at that one 🤣

  21. Harry Michael
    Harry Michael
    2 mánuðum síðan

    1:23 S = Samsung E = Eats A = Apple

  22. A Person
    A Person
    2 mánuðum síðan

    *People make fun of the iPhone for being too small, then they make fun of it only getting bigger* *People make fun of iPhone not having 5G, then they say it's too early on iPhone 12* *People make fun of iPhone for not having enough cameras, then they say it has too many* People don't know what they want, Android is just a name for everyone who doesn't use iPhone

    1. A Person
      A Person
      2 mánuðum síðan

      @Brain Maker Animations Yeah your angry at me I guess. Im my opinion Android and Windows is a ground full of every option you could possibly want, if you want to do something specific there is always a better Android or Windows device for it. Apple makes a single understandable product so people can get their stuff and not have to worry about finding the perfect thing. Nothing Apple does is the best individually but they have the best all round experience, anyone can just pick one up and know it will do whatever they want to an ok standard. But the drawback is Apple only does some things, there are many wide range standards Apple ignores or cuts so people have to look elsewhere.

    2. Brain Maker Animations
      Brain Maker Animations
      2 mánuðum síðan

      Fuck you

  23. Raygel Baygel
    Raygel Baygel
    2 mánuðum síðan

    1:18 oh man that really got me

  24. Etaash Mathamsetty
    Etaash Mathamsetty
    2 mánuðum síðan

    "the front facing camera can now take slow-mos" me: bruh had that in 2015

  25. RBLXFluky
    2 mánuðum síðan

    12 plz?

  26. OK obiedat
    OK obiedat
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Stop making fun of the ifrogger 11. you just dont understand art.

  27. Daniel Hetrick
    Daniel Hetrick
    2 mánuðum síðan

    "1 Trillion operations a second" 1Thz cpu? Sure, Apple...

  28. Michael Lyras
    Michael Lyras
    2 mánuðum síðan


  29. MrPeter2471
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Funny part: iPhone 11 is really one of the best iPhones ever made :)

    1. JustAnOrdinaryPerson
      2 mánuðum síðan

      Yeah, True

  30. Yosemite
    2 mánuðum síðan

    And we did it! Great job!

  31. Aryan Bajaj
    Aryan Bajaj
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Apple: What game does no one play and is dog shit? 1:05

  32. MashAllah Food Secrets
    MashAllah Food Secrets
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Shut up nerd 😂😂😂😂

    1. FRiiK
      2 mánuðum síðan

      shut the fuck up

  33. Egemen Güney
    Egemen Güney
    2 mánuðum síðan

    you are cheaper than a nokia 3310 bro shut yo goofy ass up and try to graduate next year

    1. namcicle
      2 mánuðum síðan

      You can get a good smartphone for less then 300 dollars dumbass

  34. Robin Yu
    Robin Yu
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Outro song name?

  35. D gamer
    D gamer
    2 mánuðum síðan

    IPHONE!! And iPhone pwo

  36. CooCoo
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Boy I sure love Bathroom™️

  37. Birdie The Drummer
    Birdie The Drummer
    3 mánuðum síðan

    Anyone getting notifications for comments they didn’t comment

  38. N.D.P .A
    N.D.P .A
    3 mánuðum síðan

    Well shut up nerd, no ideas what that is 😂😂

  39. Ajay Yadav
    Ajay Yadav
    3 mánuðum síðan

    Wait it isn't the 12 !??

  40. Maybe Amy
    Maybe Amy
    3 mánuðum síðan

    I love that I got a Samsung ad on this

  41. Nathan Prince
    Nathan Prince
    3 mánuðum síðan

    Anyone else waiting for the iPhone 12 parody?

    1. Zoonzons
      3 mánuðum síðan

      He uploaded it 2 days ago

  42. One Million!
    One Million!
    3 mánuðum síðan

    Bro plz make iPhone 12 parody ;)

    1. One Million!
      One Million!
      3 mánuðum síðan

      @Zoonzons yeah I saw it a few hours ago

    2. Zoonzons
      3 mánuðum síðan

      He uploaded it 2 days ago

  43. Blue Blob
    Blue Blob
    3 mánuðum síðan

    This video is already 1 year old 😭

  44. Some BoringPerson
    Some BoringPerson
    3 mánuðum síðan

    Who's here after iPhone 12 parody?

  45. Crick1952
    3 mánuðum síðan

    I literally forgot this phone came out

  46. Justin McCubbin
    Justin McCubbin
    3 mánuðum síðan

    But can it run crysis

    1. FRiiK
      2 mánuðum síðan

      the phone is gonna turn into a grenade

  47. Kumar Kumar
    Kumar Kumar
    3 mánuðum síðan

    Where is iphone 12 parody @jacksfilms

  48. Hugh Russell
    Hugh Russell
    3 mánuðum síðan

    Anyone here after the iPhone 12/12 Pro launch?

  49. Rohan Behera
    Rohan Behera
    3 mánuðum síðan

    Jack I better see another parody of iphone 12 tomorrow

  50. thespeedyyoshi
    3 mánuðum síðan


  51. Jonathan Putra Abimanyu
    Jonathan Putra Abimanyu
    3 mánuðum síðan

    *S* tunning *A* mazing *M* oderating *E* ntertaining

  52. Amitabh Chakraborty
    Amitabh Chakraborty
    3 mánuðum síðan

    Honestly, 11 and 11 pro has no difference except the prices but a lot of difference in 11 pro max. 11 pro is just a waste of extra $300.

  53. Dani's workshop
    Dani's workshop
    3 mánuðum síðan

    All I care about is that can it run Crysis?

  54. A random sylveon
    A random sylveon
    3 mánuðum síðan

    “when you collect 100 jelly beans, you unlock super frogger” i legit thought it was going to say luigi and now im dissapointed

  55. Sebastian Sky
    Sebastian Sky
    3 mánuðum síðan

    Ahh yes, my favorite phone, the iPhone 11 Pro Max SEA Sports.

  56. Rufus Murphy De Souza
    Rufus Murphy De Souza
    3 mánuðum síðan

    1:02 those look like cards against humanity cards...

  57. Jacob’s Stuff
    Jacob’s Stuff
    3 mánuðum síðan

    I can’t wait for the iPhone 12 parody in October!

  58. NightFiber
    3 mánuðum síðan

    nobody apple: Look! Its the new frogger

  59. Basel Jaber
    Basel Jaber
    4 mánuðum síðan

    No one cares if you are watching this on an iPhone 11

    1. Basel Jaber
      Basel Jaber
      3 mánuðum síðan

      @Peely Nah this is an old channel lmao. But really who cares?

    2. Peely
      3 mánuðum síðan

      You are a “tech” youtuber.

  60. TheFallen72
    4 mánuðum síðan

    Who’s ready for the iPhone 12 Parody😃😃

    1. Mickado
      3 mánuðum síðan

      Yes I am lol

    2. Daniel E
      Daniel E
      4 mánuðum síðan

      *Me* this comment will be very relevant

  61. AKSHAY .JAIN (RA1811004010423)
    AKSHAY .JAIN (RA1811004010423)
    4 mánuðum síðan

    this is the quality content i signed up for...

  62. Germán A. Sassone
    Germán A. Sassone
    4 mánuðum síðan

    Bathroom™ 🤣

  63. Zipsen
    4 mánuðum síðan

    “In this level , we find ourselves in BATHROOM”

  64. 1 litre of Carpet
    1 litre of Carpet
    4 mánuðum síðan

    I love how you posted this on September 11

    1. Sunny
      4 mánuðum síðan

      in his time he uploaded on september 10 but what ever

  65. Luka Vignjević
    Luka Vignjević
    4 mánuðum síðan

    1:02 Every iPhone owner ever lol

  66. matthew Armstrong
    matthew Armstrong
    4 mánuðum síðan

    Frogger baby

  67. Daeso
    4 mánuðum síðan

    The iPhone 11 is the price of a Xbox Series X and a Xbox One X combined

  68. Gian Stravvos Recana
    Gian Stravvos Recana
    4 mánuðum síðan

    Jack be like: iPhone 11 Pro Max SEA Sports. ISSA PHONE Modern EA be like: EA Sports. It's in the microtransactions.

  69. The New Brady Bunch's Funniest Home Videos
    The New Brady Bunch's Funniest Home Videos
    4 mánuðum síðan

    No idea

  70. Shibe Memes
    Shibe Memes
    4 mánuðum síðan


  71. MyLuckySuperegg
    5 mánuðum síðan

    Eww why did YT change All their icons ahahaha!!! 😫😭😭😫

  72. MyLuckySuperegg
    5 mánuðum síðan

    I loved this

  73. Evelyn Okay
    Evelyn Okay
    5 mánuðum síðan

    And now Epic Games is suing Apple for being a monopoly. Oh 2020, what a time to be alive!

  74. Nick Geweldig
    Nick Geweldig
    5 mánuðum síðan

    It’s shaver

  75. Real_Les Llama ツ
    Real_Les Llama ツ
    5 mánuðum síðan

    Quality, i have an 11

  76. Дени Мика
    Дени Мика
    5 mánuðum síðan


  77. quaker47
    5 mánuðum síðan

    I want to play that frogger game now

  78. pepro loayza
    pepro loayza
    5 mánuðum síðan

    note 20 jajaja ispulse.info/video/vpi5ka6yc4lqn3g.html

  79. Justin Nowaczynski
    Justin Nowaczynski
    5 mánuðum síðan

    0:16 users*

  80. J09Notts
    5 mánuðum síðan


  81. Jason O'donnell
    Jason O'donnell
    6 mánuðum síðan

    He’s been making fun of apple for 10 years. Damn

  82. T.S.K
    6 mánuðum síðan

    Now do one for the IPhone SE 2020 and MacOS Big Sur

  83. Royale Lisa
    Royale Lisa
    6 mánuðum síðan

    i like hows its first NOW it got slowmotion. my motorola (android) has that already- what did you say? iphones better? atleast we got slomo, early acess to some apps, we aint super f-------- expensive. android. buy for 0.99 cens

    1. ItsPanosss
      5 mánuðum síðan

      I'm still getting an iPhone

  84. PearlRainbow Anima
    PearlRainbow Anima
    6 mánuðum síðan

    When the 2020 "budget" phone costs about the same as the 2007 pro phone Apples are green and so is its money

  85. Faris Botic
    Faris Botic
    6 mánuðum síðan

    i didnt even notice this was jacksfilms

  86. Nour Imam
    Nour Imam
    6 mánuðum síðan

    Up next the iPhone 12 parody

  87. Sunset sardonyx
    Sunset sardonyx
    6 mánuðum síðan

    0:14 No, it's the ultimate example of "How do you do fellow kids"

  88. Haije Hiemstra
    Haije Hiemstra
    6 mánuðum síðan


  89. Reaber Saadi
    Reaber Saadi
    6 mánuðum síðan

    new apple devices are great if they work properly I bought the new MacBook Air retina 2020 but it fucking flickers, the new iPhone 11 battery doesn't seem so great either

  90. Octivato
    6 mánuðum síðan

    ngl but i actually thought this was an ad before the video

  91. Speedys short clips
    Speedys short clips
    6 mánuðum síðan

    Waching this on th iPhone 11 pro max SEA sports

  92. Evie
    6 mánuðum síðan

    I got an android ad

  93. Takcci
    6 mánuðum síðan

    Jackfilms Roasting Apple since Apple

  94. IslandScout123
    6 mánuðum síðan

    Where’s the parody this is just the ad.

  95. Epic7Ate9
    6 mánuðum síðan

    Lmao that frogger game wont stop being advertised by apple lol

  96. CortlandOrigami
    6 mánuðum síðan

    When’s the iPhone se 2020 parody?

  97. Kalani Tovela
    Kalani Tovela
    6 mánuðum síðan

    I wont even buy it but get excited when Apple launches a new phone just because of this

  98. Gavin's Gaming Corner
    Gavin's Gaming Corner
    7 mánuðum síðan

    Where is the iPhone SE Gen 2 Parody

  99. Vortex Gaming
    Vortex Gaming
    7 mánuðum síðan


  100. Gabriel Renderos
    Gabriel Renderos
    7 mánuðum síðan

    Quarantine at 1am and I remembered this video existed