"Homeless For The Holidays" is an Infuriating Christmas Movie

15 332 Áhorf 1,5 m.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS, KURTISTOWN!! To celebrate, I thought we'd watch probably the worst Christmas movie I've ever seen: Homeless for the Holidays. Sorry!
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Liam Neeson songs by Dylan Cozart (@dylanfcozart)
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comment "that’s one unusual Santa" if ur reading this!



  1. Kurtis Conner
    Kurtis Conner
    2 mánuðum síðan


    1. Ezekiel Hickman
      Ezekiel Hickman
      6 dögum síðan


    2. Stefania Diamond
      Stefania Diamond
      17 dögum síðan

      Wow that's awesome I am trying to raise money for Orphans in Uganda I only raised about $200 most of it I sent myself...I want to keep helping them but can't maybe you'd be interested in helping more info in my vids

    3. Miranda XX
      Miranda XX
      24 dögum síðan

      @At No no but I don’t make enough money to be independent, luckily I have good caring parents that have my back until I can get disability checks

    4. At No
      At No
      24 dögum síðan

      @Miranda XX Jesus, are YOU homeless?

    5. Ava A
      Ava A
      Mánuði síðan


  2. Mirela Mirna
    Mirela Mirna
    10 klukkustundum síðan

    Like, idk if someone talked about it, but he said that would work the first week for free so his paycheck was only for one week instead of two.

  3. Padraic Mathis
    Padraic Mathis
    11 klukkustundum síðan

    Yeah, so if you make products that can hospitalize and (I assume) kill people without trying, you can make more money designing chemical weapons.

  4. Affr Zew
    Affr Zew
    13 klukkustundum síðan

    4:23 hits harder when you actually did it and now have a cut inside your throat

  5. 안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago
    안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago
    Degi Síðan síðan

    I really thought his wife (at 3:11) was Pam from The Office

  6. 안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago
    안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago
    Degi Síðan síðan

    I thought the guy in the green was young Adam Sandler or Ferris Bueller from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for a second and I also thought the lady at 3:11 was Pam from The Office

  7. Molly K.
    Molly K.
    Degi Síðan síðan

    Homeless for the holidays walked so Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the square could fucking RUN

  8. OptimistPrime
    Degi Síðan síðan

    Well, I just seen my first ad about religion ever. Thank you, FBI Agent.

  9. Kyvacado 09
    Kyvacado 09
    Degi Síðan síðan

    Omg he does pee his pants all the time, I thought that was a joke lolllllll

  10. Monty Quinn
    Monty Quinn
    2 dögum síðan

    Super realistic that a bunch of homeless ppl own expensive tents and left to live peacefully and aren’t being constantly harassed by law enforcement and businesses

  11. cat kawaii
    cat kawaii
    3 dögum síðan

    Cure for depression:water Doritos:triangles Kurtis conner:ally Hotel:trivago

  12. luv bunny
    luv bunny
    4 dögum síðan

    I cannot stop watching your videos...ok...my life fucking sux right now and I've been laughing till I cry for like 4 hrs. Watching your vids..."old taint dick". Holy shit....hahahaha

  13. dr pill
    dr pill
    4 dögum síðan

    why is everyone in this movie so classist and mean to each other lmao

  14. Kaitlin McComb
    Kaitlin McComb
    4 dögum síðan

    Once when I was with a friend at a restaurant we were visited by a "all year round Santa." This man was wondering about in a Santa suit giving things to children. He gave me a pinwheel.

    1. Atticus 2022
      Atticus 2022
      Degi Síðan síðan

      The man behind my school does that but with white sugar and only during nightime.

  15. Zach Ives
    Zach Ives
    5 dögum síðan

    A missed Liam Peeson joke. Very unlike Kurtis

  16. Diana J
    Diana J
    5 dögum síðan


  17. Diana J
    Diana J
    5 dögum síðan

    Reminds me of every movie I have watched in religion class at my catholic school

  18. cat with a frog hat
    cat with a frog hat
    5 dögum síðan

    "the ending takes a really sharp turn at the end"

  19. Tristan Radeka
    Tristan Radeka
    5 dögum síðan

    I love how the movie assumes that people would A: have any desire to inhale the fumes from their skin product in the first place and B: see the sentence “do now inhale fumes” on a bottle and just be like “well it told me to do it now so I guess I have to 🤷‍♂️”

  20. - v e l o c i c a l -
    - v e l o c i c a l -
    6 dögum síðan

    Why live in kurtistown? We get EXTRA greetings We’re held hostage We have to love and bow to are mayor And We get amazing Christmas gifts

    1. Atticus 2022
      Atticus 2022
      Degi Síðan síðan

      Help I'm stuck in my sleeping bag

  21. Louie Marsella
    Louie Marsella
    7 dögum síðan

    👀 fuck sorry 👀

  22. Sydney Bennett
    Sydney Bennett
    7 dögum síðan

    Thats one unusual santa

  23. Le Pie
    Le Pie
    7 dögum síðan

    Communist Son: • _ •

  24. Macy Lee
    Macy Lee
    7 dögum síðan

    okay i DEFINITELY see the adam sandler and seth myers, but the guy weirdly looks like 35% john travolta

  25. Carolina Ibarra
    Carolina Ibarra
    8 dögum síðan

    I screamed when I heard nelly Furtado lmao

  26. Frazier Home
    Frazier Home
    9 dögum síðan

    Do you not think people in high school have pubic hair? I know that was probably a joke but for a second there I seriously thought that it was unusual for people to have pubic hair in high school lol

  27. r glenn
    r glenn
    9 dögum síðan

    6:23 - 6:44 literally the entire basis of revenge

  28. Holly England
    Holly England
    11 dögum síðan

    hi I'm just gonna talk about the weird dream i just had and try to make sense of it. So like all my school were walking through this field, and one guy finds a rat and I for some reason thought it would be good to speak french to it. So now we're friends with the rat and we keep walking. We get to this like factory (?) and there's a stage and everyone wants me to sing. I go up on the stage in front of everyone and there's a chicken behind this fence behind the stage, and i pick it up and hugged it and everyone was screaming at me. Then Oasis came on the stage and helped me sing??? And then everyone vanished and i was in this classroom with some of my old classmates and we were doing this assignment about lava and then literal lava came in and burned us. So yeah that's my dream .

    1. Atticus 2022
      Atticus 2022
      Degi Síðan síðan

      How high are you? Cause that's one heck of a dream

    2. kevin the pigeon
      kevin the pigeon
      11 dögum síðan

      that sounds so fun, can i live in your dream universe

  29. pubby dog
    pubby dog
    11 dögum síðan

    chickens dont have nipples

  30. Mason West
    Mason West
    11 dögum síðan

    “The one unusual Santa”😂

  31. CuckooCuck
    11 dögum síðan

    excuse me, Jack baker? THE jack baker from RE7?

  32. Ham Ham
    Ham Ham
    11 dögum síðan

    I'm a Christian and I gatta say... most Christian movies are terrible. 😂

    1. Atticus 2022
      Atticus 2022
      Degi Síðan síðan

      A Sunday school I went to showed movies that said that anyone who doesn't believe in god should be ignored and to never do anything for them. Even if they where adults. I hated that place.

  33. braden mccoy
    braden mccoy
    11 dögum síðan

    I can just imagine Kurt as a synthetic android and in the children's hospital and looking at the kids with cancer and going "these simply won't do" and pumping his pump-action shotgun.

  34. Taylor W
    Taylor W
    11 dögum síðan

    Okay but the detail of his "press conference" being held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping

  35. Rosalyne Bannatyne
    Rosalyne Bannatyne
    11 dögum síðan

    "homeless for the holidays" implies like being homeless is some kind of radical nature walk experience, like its something u can do over the summer to avoid the wintertime - i was *actually* homeless for the holidays and guess what bitches, its fucking depressing. especially if its ur first holiday being homeless, it sucks even worse while everyone around u is all cheerful and spending money frivolously, because they dont even think abt it, then get into a nice car and turn on some heat or an ac and live carefree. sorry but living underneath huge concrete bleachers and getting the fire station called on me to come and soak all my stuff down just bc i was trying to keep warm in the rain and snow, doesnt exactly inspire me to wanna watch a goddamn christmas movie abt it!!!! and what kind of knucklehead thought to themself "oh my god look at those people over there suffering on the street! imagine if we made a christmas movie completely mocking everything they have to go through!"

  36. Katie Reckley
    Katie Reckley
    12 dögum síðan


  37. ForBrains
    12 dögum síðan

    Why is my stepmom so obsessed with that zucchini

  38. Chance Will
    Chance Will
    12 dögum síðan

    "He had his *reason* for what he did." He hadn't even been born yet what are you talking about

  39. Chance Will
    Chance Will
    12 dögum síðan

    19:21 I couldn't hear a single word I was so focused on why is the camera right up in his business

  40. Chance Will
    Chance Will
    12 dögum síðan

    Why would something you're supposed to put under your nose have toxic fumes??? I think that's the biggest problem here

  41. Chance Will
    Chance Will
    12 dögum síðan

    I can't donate but please take this 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸 and this 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  42. cole gifford
    cole gifford
    13 dögum síðan

    I hate tom cruise sandler

  43. LPS Cobalt
    LPS Cobalt
    13 dögum síðan

    Why does he literally look like Adam Sandler though. I cant

  44. LVBBoi
    13 dögum síðan

    The main character is called Jack Baker... Is very psychotic Sounds familiar...

  45. skigns
    14 dögum síðan

    that’s one unusual Santa

  46. Tim
    14 dögum síðan

    Wait what is this dude talking about

  47. taraaababy
    14 dögum síðan

    The promiscuous girl bit came outta nowhere - what a song. So good!

  48. Tim
    14 dögum síðan

    Woah bro.. if any taint dick come down my chimney they will get a mouthful of shotgun.. we don't kid around here in Texas.

    1. Atticus 2022
      Atticus 2022
      Degi Síðan síðan

      If someone comes down my chimney I'm gonna scream cause I spend xmas in a secure bunker with several traps and filters through all entrances and exits. Then the auto acid trap will activate and evaporate him. Remember kids, santa is an anagram for satan.

  49. Primitive Human
    Primitive Human
    14 dögum síðan

    Wait when did Adam sanders become likable or funny

  50. nickmb2
    14 dögum síðan

    I never comment on youtube but I had to share this: went to read the Wikipedia article for this movie and, on Feb. 11 2021, it says “Shooting began on April 18, 2009 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.[3] It is currently in limited release theatrically, including a special screening sponsored by The Dove Foundation at Celebration! Cinema in Grand Rapids, Michigan.[4]”

  51. Cbherb 64
    Cbherb 64
    15 dögum síðan

    I legit thought that that was Adam Sandler until I was told otherwise

  52. Eirwen Johnston
    Eirwen Johnston
    16 dögum síðan

    the main guy looks kinda like Jake from brooklyn nine nine

  53. Shae Cranfill
    Shae Cranfill
    16 dögum síðan

    Am I the only one that thinks that it looks like the manager at 11:58 is.... "loving himself" right next to Jack? 🤔

  54. Kyle Hayden
    Kyle Hayden
    16 dögum síðan

    This wasn't a christmas movie, it was the set up to a horror movie where the son is possessed

  55. Positron Decay
    Positron Decay
    16 dögum síðan

    6:15 Unless, of course, the company is the Myers Corporation of G4 District. Then that's the company's whole alibi.

  56. fat cat
    fat cat
    17 dögum síðan

    i thought that WAS adam sandler until you said he's not

  57. Grace Furrow
    Grace Furrow
    17 dögum síðan

    You're telling me that dad isn't Adam Sandler?

  58. Michael Baldry
    Michael Baldry
    17 dögum síðan

    That’s one unusual Santa

  59. Natty Joachim
    Natty Joachim
    17 dögum síðan

    your lazy eye makes this video x10 better

  60. ******
    17 dögum síðan

    acrostic poems took me out

  61. ******
    17 dögum síðan

    Kurtis never fails to make me laugh hysterically.

  62. Mr. Wight Trash
    Mr. Wight Trash
    17 dögum síðan

    That Grandma's cookie tin analogy was perfection

  63. NJS
    17 dögum síðan

    why her kids blonde? why is wife got no job? why the acting so bad? why are christian christmas movies so weird? 💀

  64. Kira Loudermilk
    Kira Loudermilk
    18 dögum síðan

    fucking gold content 👌🏼

  65. Brynn Butler
    Brynn Butler
    18 dögum síðan

    is nobody gonna talk about how the paycheck is just literally a check from a check book and kurtis didn’t know what a check looked like?

    18 dögum síðan

    you ever just... lose your house and jump into a stock photo of people camping?

  67. deiaa zween
    deiaa zween
    18 dögum síðan

    One question why all the comments are against Christianity!? Why you aren't respectful guys if you not Christian !?

  68. EarthDimension M16
    EarthDimension M16
    18 dögum síðan

    Mullet supremacy

  69. Taktik FN
    Taktik FN
    19 dögum síðan

    Drew Gooden vs Danny Gonzalaze vs Kurtis Conner... who can make me laugh more per episode. DG 7 DG 9 KC 100000000

  70. Arrasbadx
    19 dögum síðan

    that's one unusual Santa

  71. Janetandamocha
    19 dögum síðan

    "HE HAD REASONS" Jesus wasn't even born yet when he made his family homeless for the holidays - not sure a fetus had reasons for anything.

  72. Peach Punk
    Peach Punk
    20 dögum síðan

    The main character is like the guy in that one porn where there’s a bathtub, and a sexy lifeguard comes in and the dude is like “this is a bathtub”

  73. Taylor Houser
    Taylor Houser
    20 dögum síðan

    Holy shit, is the dad the same guy as the evil boss from Christmas Mail? I just realized. He’s really found his niche huh

  74. Eva Carroll
    Eva Carroll
    20 dögum síðan

    Neil breen is quaking

  75. Jeremy U's ReevU
    Jeremy U's ReevU
    20 dögum síðan

    10:36 AAAAH! The movie's turned into Good Luck Chuck! Quick! Hide all your Jessica Albas!

  76. wiTcH Craft
    wiTcH Craft
    21 degi síðan síðan

    Congratulations, Curtis Konner, you finally made me laugh. Well, not you, but the video someone helped you with and did all the heavy lifting. 1:44 a.m. pacific time on a weeknight. My favorite time to opine.

  77. PlnkYellowBlack
    21 degi síðan síðan

    i paused at 8:10 to get water and came back to this

  78. Info
    21 degi síðan síðan

    9:15 Was that a damn rat?

  79. Luca D
    Luca D
    21 degi síðan síðan

    I thought he was a Baldwin

  80. logical window
    logical window
    21 degi síðan síðan

    no that’s the back of a real check those words are the fine print and that’s the cheap check paper (for cheap companies) that i get paid with lol

  81. Emily Speck
    Emily Speck
    22 dögum síðan

    Hey I’m drunk

    1. Winter Wyvern
      Winter Wyvern
      21 degi síðan síðan

      Very cool

  82. Lee Draws
    Lee Draws
    22 dögum síðan

    when they're looking at the guy's paycheck the music that's playing in the background is literally like sims 3 music :))

  83. wally man
    wally man
    22 dögum síðan

    So, wait. . . Jack doesn't realize this other ad agency has been after him for years, so doesn't think to go there looking for a job??? Wouldn't other ad agencies be the first place he tries, considering that's his profession? Stuuuuupid movie!!!

  84. Mvngoq
    22 dögum síðan

    That's one unusual santa

  85. Alison Krane
    Alison Krane
    23 dögum síðan

    filipino starts christmas on september

  86. Chloe Juliet
    Chloe Juliet
    23 dögum síðan

    please watch “A Murder of Innocence” on ISpulse I wanna see your reaction. It’s confusing 😂

  87. Alina Lord
    Alina Lord
    23 dögum síðan

    This movie is so lame I was about to push the dislike button on the video hahaha

  88. Shelby Belby
    Shelby Belby
    23 dögum síðan

    If the company really didn't want Jack to get a job at the rival company then they should've just gouged his eyes out

  89. Urban Leger
    Urban Leger
    23 dögum síðan

    The coordinated pond geometrically rhyme because pencil mainly type above a sulky character. industrious, imperfect pumpkin

  90. Survey Corpse
    Survey Corpse
    23 dögum síðan

    12:06 literally a representation of my manager at my job

    1. Mr. Irrelevant
      Mr. Irrelevant
      23 dögum síðan

      Gotta wonder how these people even become managers.

  91. Rocket Xmas
    Rocket Xmas
    23 dögum síðan

    Yo kurtis, was this a sign of yu-gi-oh content in the future

  92. pradxsfuneral
    24 dögum síðan

    uh.. were they even homeless for the holidays? that looks a lot like the summer time

  93. Nourollah Amr
    Nourollah Amr
    24 dögum síðan

    OMG i thought only Egyptian grandmas had those empty cookie boxes😂😂

  94. Conscious Evolution
    Conscious Evolution
    24 dögum síðan

    i'm from buffalo and living in seattle, did a little kurtis binge and its ben making me feel right at homeeeee! east coast way of thinking is light years ahead than the people oot here.

  95. pig piggy
    pig piggy
    24 dögum síðan

    He’s like Adam sandler and Andy samburg mixed but from like the discount store

  96. LovingMyCandles
    24 dögum síðan

    The interesting thing is that things like that happen at big companies. They won't publicly go out and say "this person messed up" they'll say "we've identified the issue and rectified it" and possibly fire the employee that messed up. They could fire that person if they haven't gone through the probation period. But that depends on the companies and their policies.

  97. Scott English
    Scott English
    25 dögum síðan

    Even worse if you go to IMDb apparently a sequel is in production to according to them a classic christmas movie. I'm not sure you can call an offensive movie with terrible acting that no ones heard of a classic. Honestly this video is the first I've ever heard of this shit movie and we all know why

  98. R Frog
    R Frog
    25 dögum síðan

    you make me feel very safe.

  99. Lizzy G
    Lizzy G
    25 dögum síðan

    the fact that kurtis used the four seasons total landscaping background for his press conference bit😭😭😭

  100. Alex
    26 dögum síðan

    _"It's 2020, anything can and will happen."_ - Kurtis Conner