I Messed Up When I Met Michelle Obama

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Check out this special Thanksgiving episode that's all about gratitude! Walter's story was featured on The TODAY show this Thanksgiving. We are grateful!

One day, Walter's mom picked him and his little sister up from school. As they were sitting in the car near Dairy Queen, his mom shared some INCREDIBLE news - Walter was going to meet the First Lady of the United States! This was during the time that Barack Obama was the President, so Walter was going to meet Michelle Obama! At first, Walter could hardly believe it. But after his mom showed him an amazing e-mail, he realized it was true - Michelle Obama was going to visit his school, and he was one of the lucky students selected to meet her!
The following Tuesday, Walter went to school and saw police officers, guard dogs and body guards surrounding the building. The next thing he knew, Michelle Obama's car arrived. She was surrounded by even more guards and camera people - it was insane! At that point, Walter realized he was probably going to be on TV - he couldn't believe it!
Then, The Today Show's Al Roker - the famous weather forecaster, journalist and actor - walked in and introduced Michelle Obama. Walter could hardly believe that Al Roker was at his school, too! When Michelle Obama walked in, everyone in the room was staring at her - they were all in awe! She announced that the purpose of her visit was to spread awareness about healthy eating habits, and Walter was so excited to spend the day with the First Lady.
After Michelle Obama introduced herself, Walter and his classmates followed her to begin their first activity. As they were leaving, something happened that Walter will never forget - Michelle Obama put her hand on his right shoulder! Walter was FREAKING out! He couldn't believe that such a wonderful, inspirational person was ACTUALLY right next to him! He was SO excited!
However, after they shared a special moment, Walter couldn't help but notice that Michelle Obama was also giving special attention to the other kids, too. Even though it didn't make a whole lot of sense at the time, Walter couldn't help but feel mad. He was so excited to be around Michelle Obama and learn from her, but he basically just wanted her all to himself!
As the day continued, Walter got more and more angry. Michelle Obama was helping all of the kids around him - not just him - and he didn't like that! Instead of feeling grateful for having the opportunity to meet her, he let his emotions take over.
Then, when the day ended, Michelle Obama thanked Walter and his class for hosting her and for participating in such a great day. Walter was visibly upset, so when his parents came to pick him up, they asked him what was going on. When he told them what was bothering him, they got VERY upset. They explained how rare of an opportunity he had been given, and they warned him that he would be SEVERELY punished if he looked unhappy in any of the footage or pictures from the day.
When they went home and turned on the TV, they couldn't believe it - Walter was RIGHT on TV with a sour look on his face! Walter then looked himself up online, and he found MORE pictures of himself looking upset. He was so ashamed.
Later that day, Walter had another conversation with his parents, and they explained the situation more clearly. They helped him understand that there were so many kids in the world who would love to meet Michelle Obama, and that she had to show all people in the world the same amount of appreciation and respect - she couldn't possibly favor one person, as that wouldn't be fair.
Walter experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he really regrets how he acted. Now, when he looks back, he says to himself, "I Messed Up When I Met Michelle Obama." But if Michelle Obama, Barack Obama or Al Roker happen to be watching, Walter wants them to know how sorry he is. He learned a valuable lesson from the experience, and he will never take life's special moments for granted again.

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