A 4th Grade Drop Out Invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos While Mopping Floors

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Richard Montañez was a dropout. He could barely read or write in English and mopped floors for a living.
But that changed when he stood up to America's top executives when pitching a billion-dollar idea.
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    here i am in the UK paying £6 for a 226g bag of flaming hot cheetos! best crisps about.

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    Wait.. in the netherlands we only have cheetos cheese and we used too had peanut flavour.. but did it started with 'flammin hot', or is it just a side product of natural cheetos?

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    but in another story you say doolin invented them ah

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    He made one mistake and that mistake he made hot cheeto girls

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    Not to brag or anything, but when I was grounded I made this really cool game of counting the tiles in my ceiling.

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    It was a great idea, but he got pretty lucky too. Props to this guy for having the guts to make that call, and props to the CEO for giving him a shot.

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    Well good for him!

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    I like his moustache

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    Everything about this mans life was inspiring.

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    Bro if this man never became a janitor...👀 I don’t even want to imagine

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    are you sure that companies just started putting bell peppers on flamin' hot cheetos, theres no spice

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    "Go get what belongs to us." That sounds wrong because it's his idea.

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    Too bad racist systemic prejudice in America doesnt allow people other than whites to succeed like this... Too bad America only allows white people to have the privilege to come from the bottom to the top... America could sure learn from this video...

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    i guess i can drop out now and still create the best thing in the world

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    You guys really twisted the story. He didn’t drop out of fourth grade. And he took an unseasoned bag of Cheetos home to experiment with flavors.

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    wonderful story

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    You gotta thank the assistant who connected him to the ceo. That's one in a million right there

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    Making something spicy that isn't yours is neither an invention nor an original creation. IMA ADD MY OWN SEASONIN TO MA CHIPS THATS AN ORIGINAL INVENTION NOW GIVE ME MONEY GUYZ NOW

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    White American kids: Couldn't stop staring at burrito because of unknown fear. Richard: Embarrassed and begged his mom to make bologna sandwitch. Richard's mom: Made an extra burrito for sharing love. White American kids: Loved it so much that it even started selling Richard: *STONKS*

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    i remember there was that simpsons episode where mr burns wanted a new executive on the board but someone from te rank and file. they pick homer and during a board room meeting mr burns asks his executives what are their ideas on bringing up employee morale. they give out the cookie cutter answers like layoffs, putting flouride in the water fountain etc. then mr burns got angry because those are his type of answers and the executives are nothing more than regurgitating his answers. he asks homer how he would increase employee morale. homer answers give the workers more tartar sauce with their meals for dipping... then mr burns applauds homer for his ingenuity, as a full employee was a happy employee meaning more productivity and employee morale boost up like crazy. so basically the executives maybe paid top dollars and they're supposed to be thinking of new ideas for new products to make money but they're in their own little bubble world sometimes and they can't see past the bubble.

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    love how corporate America wants employees to act like owners but don't pay them like it

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    and this kids, is how i met your mother

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    Me calling the CEO of Frito lays instead of selling air, sell bags full of chips. I'ma become the next billionaire.

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    I invented the chicken patty burger Almost like a big Mac but instead of two pattys it can be one patty and chicken, spicy or normal

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    well this man cleaned up the big men and made some big bucks from years of mopping now that is a story to watch

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    Don’t eat Cheetos it has bugs

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    So that's how my favorite flavour of cheetos was born

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    As inspirational as it is, we'll get more "Well this dude did this when he was low in society, what's your excuse

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    This proves that you don’t have to be educated to make something amazing

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      you have book smarts and street smarts you have both types of people doing great things in this world .and of course the blend of both are the ideal.

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    This is a story of the American dream. Well done sir!

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    The Latino people have given so much to food yet we don't get the credit we deserve. Potatoes, chocolate, corn, tomatoes, and many more. Thanks for spreading this.

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    Life is waiting for you to make your mark you just have to get out there and make it happen cause dreams will always be dreams unless you wake up and make it a reality -Skyler

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    adorable, i love this man

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    I love it when people think you need a education and being smart. Funny that most successful people average but hard working.

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    13th grade student stays in school and creates off brand snack that has yet to exist!

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    Best story so far. Even better than Fred Smith.

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    I live in Rancho Cucamonga, and the Frito Lay factory he used to work at is walking distance from my house

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    And that kids, is how hot Cheetos was invented, now go and eat those Cheetos with your long nails

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