Biggest Rescue Mission in Minecraft to save my Parrots 🔥🔥 🔥

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Biggest Rescue Mission in Minecraft to save my Parrots 🔥🔥 🔥

Game Name - Minecraft

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Outtro song ~

Music in Background ~ By Kevin MacLeod

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    nandha sab
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    Help him to grow his channel

  2. Aryan Chandra
    Aryan Chandra
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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="798">13:18</a> bro what's the nme of that music.... Please i want that🙇🙇🙇

  3. Lina Rathavi
    Lina Rathavi
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    Go your XP farm and ripper your elaitra

  4. Shahaji Jadhav
    Shahaji Jadhav
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    Hair reaveal???????????

  5. sayan biswas
    sayan biswas
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    Make a bee farm

  6. Maksud Choudhary
    Maksud Choudhary
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    Tera elytra gaya

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    I love it the most

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    Granny ne Helicopter khareed liya hai

  9. muhammad haris
    muhammad haris
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    yar ager tu kahi bhi jai ga to parrots teleport ho gae ge magar parrots ko bethana mat

  10. Raj kadam
    Raj kadam
    24 dögum síðan

    Bhai Minecraft me parrot Ki family bana

  11. Calactor Singh
    Calactor Singh
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    Play bhai the gangsters

  12. Cook with karar hussain
    Cook with karar hussain
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    Yar to apna vidio par nam ber liktaho

  13. Keep Laughing
    Keep Laughing
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    Try to find your old castle

  14. Suraj gamer
    Suraj gamer
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    Rilcaft ko khalo

  15. dhanrajdrs sahu
    dhanrajdrs sahu
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    You can fly and run fastest in the minecraft

  16. dhanrajdrs sahu
    dhanrajdrs sahu
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    You again spon the ender dragon and make hormone and tools with blaze rods

  17. Krishnakumar Kumar
    Krishnakumar Kumar
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    Please Ritesh setup tour do

  18. Jashan Mehmi
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    #find 100 diamonds in one day#challenge

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    I am son of NIDHI Gaba “gattik Gaba

  20. Nidhi Gaba
    Nidhi Gaba
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    Please do building of Willy and Sonia and the polar Bear which will be there give him a name Polu

  21. Sisters’ kitchenette by Niti Thakur
    Sisters’ kitchenette by Niti Thakur
    Mánuði síðan

    Yes Smarty Pie I am writing the things you need to do in your Minecraft world 1 Bring your dogs partners 2 You said you will make a castle for your bears 3 There are so many saddles in your fishing farm put them on your horses

  22. Arti Kholi
    Arti Kholi
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    100 diamond one day challenge

  23. Harishanker Srivastava
    Harishanker Srivastava
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    Bhai I have a task for you to do tum apne ek name tag se ek sheep ka naam jeb_ rakho and you will see a suprise

  24. Sanjay Jha
    Sanjay Jha
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    Your new armour doesn't burn

  25. Hans Raj Chhabra
    Hans Raj Chhabra
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    Bro aap apni sheep ko name do jeb_ then see what happens

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    Please give video please

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    Kal karde bhai ma tere series bahut good lagte ha by

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    Vaishali Mishra
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    Unke liye bird house banao

  29. Vaishali Mishra
    Vaishali Mishra
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    Parrots ki breeding karvao

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    Minecraft me 1 day in 100 diamonds this challenge.

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    Bro ender dragon ke egg ko hach kar

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    Hundred Diamond one day challenge

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    #100 Diamond in #1day challenge......

  34. Rajkumar Rai
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    Bhai gand mai dam h to 1 day Mai 100 Diamonds collect karo

    Mánuði síðan

    100# Dimension and 1 Day chahiye

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    Omi Khan
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    Rip yessmartypie normal minecraft seris

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    Fatema Boriwala
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    Why you are not aploding any Minecraft videos.

  38. Soumil Malhotra
    Soumil Malhotra
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    tip-Bhai jahan pr tune wo bade sare cobwebs dekhe the (jahan slime fsi hui thi ) wahan e k spawnner ho skta h spider ka . Do check

  39. xeno gamimg
    xeno gamimg
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    I you want to change villager into zombie villager struck them with lighting

  40. The world Gamer
    The world Gamer
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    Bhai agar tome polar bear ko breed karna hai to raw beef ya raw cod unke samne gira do

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    A Simple Guy
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    Skyblock video banao please!

  42. VERRON Bath jewellery
    VERRON Bath jewellery
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  43. VERRON Bath jewellery
    VERRON Bath jewellery
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    Minecraft hardest advancement is how did we get here

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    Video was Assamese

    Mánuði síðan

    Beehive spawn hoga

    Mánuði síðan

    Ek flower ke 2 blocks pass tree grow karo

    Mánuði síðan

    Bhai ek high speed train banao Jaldi se me wait nahi kar sakta

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    New video

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    yar slime farm bnao

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    Yess new vedio

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    Play a music disc in front of your parrots and see. The cave mobs drops the music discs

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    Plz tell me your Skyblock version

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    The netherite armour does not burn in lava nor the sword

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    Kyuki aaj ne ghar pe Hu or tum aab video bohal let dalte ho muje bohat gussa aa raha hai tum pe tumhe 2 din me AK video post karna pade ga maicroft

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    Bhai aaj AK video post kardo Yrrr please

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    That was an awesome video

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    Bhai Apne iron farm ko aap bhul Gaye ho

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    You can make a honey block. With four honey bottles

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    Smartie pie lost everything so be calm go to creative and get any thing you want

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    So nice video and tell me that which rockt we have to fly

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    Finnaly rescue parrots with nether 😀😎 you are cool parrets

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    1 million soon🎂🎂👍👍

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    Panda land

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    You can find neather temple key in neather fortress then you find herobrime in the neather temple at last you will tame ghast with bone meal

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    check your trident farm how many trident in your trident farm

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    You can breed polar bears Tumko unake samne raw fish girA deni hai wo utha lete hai

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    Charli ac bhootka name hota ha....😨😨😈😈☠️☠️

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    Me aj tak dekha skta hoo

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