The Most Beautiful Equation in Math

Carnegie Mellon University
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Happy Pi Day from Carnegie Mellon University! Professor of mathematical sciences Po-Shen Loh explains why Euler’s Equation is the most beautiful equation in math. The video was filmed as part of a pi and pie discussion with CMU alumna, baker and blogger Quelcy Kogel (A 2007). For more:


  1. Nicole Varghese
    Nicole Varghese
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    This guy makes me so happy

  2. John David
    John David
    Ári síðan

    Who is e supposed to be talking to when he says "Join me, and we'll be one"? e^(i*pi) + 1 isn't 1, it's 0. So he can't be talking to 1. e^(i*pi) + 0 is -1, so it can't be 0. 0 - e^(i*pi) = 1, but that's not the way he has the equation written on the board. I'm confused.

  3. Phoenix _1316
    Phoenix _1316
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    He looks so passionate about math. 😊

  4. D-Rabbit for
    D-Rabbit for
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    He is so happy

  5. HAMZA.AP Manu
    HAMZA.AP Manu
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  6. moksh Sinha
    moksh Sinha
    Ári síðan

    this is basic maths for Indians 😂 and dude plzz visit india u ll see much more beautiful equations

    Ári síðan

    Sir you are amazing, In india I am IIT student our teacher derive this formula by this method But I want give challenge that 1÷0=infinity. (Why ?) By trigonometry application and theorem

  8. Math Kinger
    Math Kinger
    Ári síðan

    -1 × -1 is uh... the opposite of 1? -1? Or ... -1! Or i

  9. FRANK ;IN
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    i hate maths

  10. george varghese
    george varghese
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    Thank you ma'am it was very helpful..Guys i found a good educational channel . I am sharing it with you all. Hope it will be of great use.

  11. nitin agrawal
    nitin agrawal
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    Can't get any thing 😅😅

  12. Martin From Strufve
    Martin From Strufve
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    Hes cute when hes in nerdy mode

  13. Sajid Hussain
    Sajid Hussain
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  14. ティンコティンコ
    Ári síðan

    Yo Po-shen Loh, why are you so cringe.

  15. Hadiya Saheed
    Hadiya Saheed
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    You can see it on his face that he is literally in love with math..

  16. baartus
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    he is so excited the video feels sped up

  17. A_F_S_G
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    in 2018 a random guy is having his most intense journey to find his scientific calculator for his exams tomorrow.

  18. VidyVid
    Ári síðan

    I'm sorry but i is not the square root of -1. It's defined simply as a number that when squared equals one. You cant say it's the square root of -1 because the square root function is defined exclusively on positive numbers. Saying i=sqrt(-1) would easily lead to the contradiction that -1=1 as follows. i*i=sqrt(-1)*sqrt(-1)=sqrt(-1*-1)=sqrt(1)=1. But i^2 in the first place is -1.

  19. Blanca Melgarejo
    Blanca Melgarejo
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    i wish i was him

  20. Swing01
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    He’s slamming the board with the chalk and I can’t get the sound out of my head

  21. FCMB Phoenix15
    FCMB Phoenix15
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    i would like i can switch my profesor with him hahaha but really.

  22. Arjun bandekar
    Arjun bandekar
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    Ho could be a good teacher

  23. Isaac Westenra
    Isaac Westenra
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    The most beautiful video on youtube

  24. Sarthak Hadge
    Sarthak Hadge
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    I'm an arts student and this is beautiful

  25. Abhik
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    i know my squares, im happy with that

  26. Dr. Peppa
    Dr. Peppa
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    I love his excitement ahhh

  27. aman makhija
    aman makhija
    Ári síðan

    Beautifully explained. But e should say: "Why did I raise you into such negative numbers?"

  28. Mark Pointer
    Mark Pointer
    Ári síðan

    Ah so THAT’S how you get ‘e’! I’ll remember that for Saturday night....

  29. matthew C
    matthew C
    Ári síðan

    that punch line sucks. that's why Euler never wanted nerds to ruin his equation.

  30. Kevo7979
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    Oh my god.... so funny... hahahaha... stop it already

  31. Edvin Lindström
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  33. Stergios Niniatsoudis
    Stergios Niniatsoudis
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    Another episode of big bang theory..

  34. Gordon Tendick
    Gordon Tendick
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    but why?

  35. Graciela Audrey
    Graciela Audrey
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    Love this

  36. MasterOne Piece
    MasterOne Piece
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    Math teachers are stupid because they don't know how to use Math in real life, By the way , I'm a PhD student in CS.

  37. 金木研
    Ári síðan

    here's another beautiful number I discovered myself (idk if anyone already mentioned this in the history of math ever but I haven't done my research at the time that I am writing this, so I will proceed) 142857. why? multiplied by two, becomes 285714 by three, 428571 by four, 571428 by five, 714285 by six, 857142 but by seven, becomes 999999 anymore than six, with the exceptions of joining the number 0 to the numbers 1-6 to form a two-digit number (e.g., 10, 20, 30, etc.) and multiplying them to 142857, and the special exception of multiplying seven to it (or 70 or any number of digits starting with 7) will result in one of the digits present in 142857 to be missing. more rules: the digits present in 142857 will be present in that order when dividing a number non-divisible by 7 once (meaning it will result in a number with decimals, not a whole number) in the resulting decimals. dividing the number with 142857 in its decimals already by 7 once more will result in not seeing the number 142857. edit: okay so I did my research and it turns out this number has been discovered by other people. if you didn't understand my explanation perhaps this might help:,857

  38. 金木研
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    Here's the most beautiful thing I ever discovered: my girlfriend is like √-100 a perfect ten, but also imaginary

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  40. Hubert Hubert
    Hubert Hubert
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    Inchworm, the muppet show, are my math

  41. Arthur
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    I love how excited he looks

  42. Limedude Lemonbob
    Limedude Lemonbob
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    E shouldn't say anything you dork

  43. Lee Anna
    Lee Anna
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    giving a thumbs up just because of how enthusiastic and happy the guys sounds when describing math

  44. ToMMy Vercetti
    ToMMy Vercetti
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    Who the f dislikes this??

  45. Jorge Alberto
    Jorge Alberto
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    Monogatari series :v 3uler identity ... I like math to

  46. Showering with dad
    Showering with dad
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    I did not get the joke.

  47. AAAJ27
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    I cant get over how happy he is haha. Literally goals

  48. HE HE
    HE HE
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    Pi's equivalent 3.14 is the birthday of albert Einstein march 14

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    the guy seems genuinely happy to do it!! nice..!!

  50. cheerios4canaries
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    He is an exemplary math professor simply bc you can see his passion for it in both his eyes and his voice.

  51. IWantFriends
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    Was watching in 1.5x. DO NOT RECOMMEND

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    i hate maths

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    get this guy some milk...........

  54. BoredYT User
    BoredYT User
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    You need a High IQ to get the *E*

  55. Harpreet Bedi
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    His smile😂

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    Shriradha Nathan
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    wow ! this will definately be very helpful.. bhaiya, please do a video for chemistry also.

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    he making this up

  59. Sunita Das
    Sunita Das
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    I calculated on a calculator and the answer was ERROR

  60. Francisco Lau
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  61. AJ D
    AJ D
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    That’s not funny at all

  62. Where's everyone going, bingo?
    Where's everyone going, bingo?
    Ári síðan

    These are the kind of math teachers we should all have. He actually enjoys what he's doing!

  63. Takudzwa Matipano
    Takudzwa Matipano
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    his got passion

  64. Bubby Uglow
    Bubby Uglow
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    "There's no way you can multiply two numbers and get a negative one"..... then what's 3 x -2 = ?

  65. Ishan Singh
    Ishan Singh
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    In India we study this in standard 11th in complex number euler form

  66. Yuni Aniceto
    Yuni Aniceto
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    you taught me more in 2 minutes than my actual teacher in 3 weeks HAHA

  67. Daniell Bow
    Daniell Bow
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    How to delete youtube

  68. Gerry De naro
    Gerry De naro
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    I'm actually a chemistry and biochemistry major but I did some uni" physics. Physics and astrophysics are certainly inspiring subjects as are the beauty of the equations that are their foundation. They may answer the most fundamental question of *why is their something and not nothing.* Tell me readers, do you regard yourself as a naturalist and thus committed to the philosophy of scientific materialism? If so could anyone explain the origin, existence and uncanny applicability of abstract mathematics to the material universe? It is not a trick question. The late S.Hawking seems to think the Law of gravity created the universe out of nothing. What's your take on the major theme of his latest book? Do u think there is anything in the material realm that could be an actual infinite? See Dave Hilbert's verdict.

  69. Quentin Jaxon
    Quentin Jaxon
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    The way he feels about math, is the way I feel about pizza

  70. Brooke Archer
    Brooke Archer
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    I love how he's so excited 😂

  71. Douglas 600
    Douglas 600
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    Can someone help me I have a test tomorrow: KX+3X=4;X (for X)

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    He is so happy doing math

  73. mindfreak001009
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    can i just call 911?

  74. Ashith
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    My Most Beautiful Math Equation Is 1+1=2 Simple One

  75. Garry Miller
    Garry Miller
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    If I had him for a maths teacher when I was a youngster I would have been a genius. He makes it intersesting

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    Let's Study
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    It's interesting! Love from India 💝

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    His smile is precious

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    Very Cool!!!

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    i dont get it. can someone explain to me?

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    This is notttttt funny