holiday bake with me: christmas cookies!

Luca Whitaker
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wassup!! today i am doing a holiday bake with me where i make Christmas cookies! i know u guys loved my fall bake with me, so i thought i would do one ~winter edition~ what should i do on my next cook with me? leave a comment:)
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  1. Curlyhairgirl
    Ári síðan

    where’s your cup from? it’s so cute

  2. Sadie Neidecker
    Sadie Neidecker
    Ári síðan

    i LOVEEEE your sweatshirt!! That color looks really good on youuu

  3. Juliana Bablak
    Juliana Bablak
    Ári síðan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="558">9:18</a> gave me Nigella Lawson vibes (I hope someone knows who she is)

  4. Cassandra Martinez
    Cassandra Martinez
    Ári síðan

    Omg please listen to Cupid by Ryan Beatty it’s my favorite song ever and so is late night therapy by flowerkid

    Ári síðan

    Yum! Love this 😋 I just uploaded a CHRISTMAS BAKE WITH ME 🍰 🥧 🥣 on my channel ☺️ ✌️ let me know what you think 🎄

  6. Cristina Diaz
    Cristina Diaz
    Ári síðan

    Luca should def go on a baking show

  7. Cesar Molina
    Cesar Molina
    Ári síðan

    Does anyone know where she got her hoodie ?

  8. Karina Schwartz
    Karina Schwartz
    Ári síðan

    she looks so pretty in this video and the thumbnail 😻😻

  9. Cara Lynn
    Cara Lynn
    Ári síðan

    "That looks quite disgusting actually." .....<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="495">8:15</a>

  10. Carter Watkins
    Carter Watkins
    Ári síðan

    How tall are you Luca? Also love you videos!❤️

  11. Sofia Oliveira
    Sofia Oliveira
    Ári síðan

    What is the breed of her dog it's soo adorable!

  12. Divina Frias
    Divina Frias
    Ári síðan

    i was wondering if anyone knows which curling iron she uses for her hair??

  13. rayofkay
    Ári síðan

    What's your fave surfing series? (if you don't watch it already Koa Rothman has a rad surfing series called This is Livin')

  14. allyshiny
    Ári síðan

    blue is so your color lol ❤️

  15. John Zylali
    John Zylali
    Ári síðan

    Does she has a boyfriend?

  16. Abby Bond
    Abby Bond
    Ári síðan

    ahh those look so good!!

  17. Jordyn Bradshaw
    Jordyn Bradshaw
    Ári síðan

    Song at the end ??

  18. Simran Chen
    Simran Chen
    Ári síðan

    this video is giving me good vibrations

  19. Simran Chen
    Simran Chen
    Ári síðan

    your shirt really makes ur eyes pop💙💙

  20. Sydney Smith
    Sydney Smith
    Ári síðan

    You look actual radiant in this video! Glowing good vibes are just pouring out of you and I am SO here for it

  21. Amelia Langley
    Amelia Langley
    Ári síðan

    Anyone know where she got her sweatshirt from???

  22. Alyssa Alcorn
    Alyssa Alcorn
    Ári síðan

    I love your energy man. You just give off such a good vibe.

  23. Brittney Douglas
    Brittney Douglas
    Ári síðan

    I LOVE DECLAN MCKENNA SO MUCH why do you feel so down is so amazing

  24. TJ M
    TJ M
    Ári síðan

    Yum!! 😋 and the cookies look good too!Merry Christmas! 🎁🎄❤️

  25. McKenna Manzo
    McKenna Manzo
    Ári síðan

    your mom is so funny 😂😂

  26. sage & izzy
    sage & izzy
    Ári síðan

    hahaha omg you and your mom are SO funny. I love y’all relationship so much and I hope we can be friends one day!

  27. Brianna Christine
    Brianna Christine
    Ári síðan

    I almost switched out of algebra 2 and I wish i did HAHA

  28. Hannagh farrell
    Hannagh farrell
    Ári síðan

    What’s your Spotify

  29. morgan
    Ári síðan

    girl at my school algebra 2 is the easy math class lmao

  30. alice bonn
    alice bonn
    Ári síðan

    How is she so tan and gorgeous omg!!

  31. Abigail Agin
    Abigail Agin
    Ári síðan

    Luca's eyes in this are STUNNING

  32. heyhailey !
    heyhailey !
    Ári síðan

    your videos are the highlight of my day

  33. Emma Bacilla
    Emma Bacilla
    Ári síðan


  34. Phoebe Vatis
    Phoebe Vatis
    Ári síðan

    I can never get over how insanely cute Greyson is😩❤️ any small channels want to support each other?

    1. PineappleRissa
      Ári síðan

      love your videos! I subbed :)

  35. JJ
    Ári síðan

    does anyone know what color/brand is on her lips?

  36. Nicole Grass
    Nicole Grass
    Ári síðan

    Time to change the description to 17 years old!!

  37. Desiree Nelson
    Desiree Nelson
    Ári síðan

    I got selimenale and I almost died it’s not “fake news”😂😂😂😂

    1. Sydney Smith
      Sydney Smith
      Ári síðan


  38. Hailey Paige
    Hailey Paige
    Ári síðan


  39. Mia Jayne
    Mia Jayne
    Ári síðan

    Can I plz be u!!!! - Merry crimbooooo

  40. Natália Balázs
    Natália Balázs
    Ári síðan

    Luca, update your age in the description box❤️

  41. Grace Cronin
    Grace Cronin
    Ári síðan

    i’m just laying in bed w food poisoning at 3 in the morn but watching your videos is helping me through it!!🥰🥰

  42. ana amaral
    ana amaral
    Ári síðan

    you look even more beautiful in this video!!!!!

  43. Mikaela Cornelissen
    Mikaela Cornelissen
    Ári síðan

    Love this xx You are so stunning!!!!

  44. June Taylor
    June Taylor
    Ári síðan

    Dude did you cut the cookies like 2 cm big? 😂

  45. caroline emma
    caroline emma
    Ári síðan

    the next betty crocker 😂

  46. Hayley Mills
    Hayley Mills
    Ári síðan

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate how good u look in this

  47. Gabby
    Ári síðan

    she turned on my “hey siri” 😂

  48. alex slack
    alex slack
    Ári síðan

    oUt like A LiGHt

  49. alex slack
    alex slack
    Ári síðan

    ~vibrations intensify~

    1. Jasmine Somerset
      Jasmine Somerset
      Ári síðan

      why are you actually everywhere

  50. Grace Smith
    Grace Smith
    Ári síðan

    love love love

  51. Jahan Ebrahim
    Jahan Ebrahim
    Ári síðan

    The cutest *human* ever 😩😭❤️😍💘

  52. Molly Mistler
    Molly Mistler
    Ári síðan

    Please do a daily makeup tutorial your makeup looks gorgeous!

  53. Georgia Allfrey
    Georgia Allfrey
    Ári síðan

    I love your mum so much she's so funny and also how good your relationship with her is

  54. becca mann
    becca mann
    Ári síðan

    luca is my new favorite person,,, i mean what did i do before i watched her vids

  55. Alehandro DeGravel
    Alehandro DeGravel
    Ári síðan

    Do you ever like to watch videos that contain a very custom car?

  56. lola ter meulen
    lola ter meulen
    Ári síðan

    omg i need luca's spotifyyy :) i literally love your music so much

  57. Cristina Marquez
    Cristina Marquez
    Ári síðan

    my friend got salmonella in august lol

  58. Kelsey Lauckner
    Kelsey Lauckner
    Ári síðan

    where are her necklaces from?

  59. pineapplesr2u swag
    pineapplesr2u swag
    Ári síðan

    My sister had salmonella and that's the real tea sis

  60. g405t
    Ári síðan

    lol you made my Siri 13 min timer...

  61. g405t
    Ári síðan

    Miss me with that!

  62. Signe St Sure
    Signe St Sure
    Ári síðan

    where is her crewneck from, does anyone know?

  63. Amanda Tew
    Amanda Tew
    Ári síðan

    you’re so adorable 😂💗

  64. Tatum Vogt
    Tatum Vogt
    Ári síðan

    I’m in algebra 2

  65. Tatum Vogt
    Tatum Vogt
    Ári síðan

    Salmonella hurts soooooooooo bad, like worse than any stomach pain eva

  66. Tatum Vogt
    Tatum Vogt
    Ári síðan

    I’ve gotten salmonella before, but it was because I touch some live fish and ate chips later not thinking

  67. 정동동
    Ári síðan

    Thank u for uploading!!

  68. Jordan Kane
    Jordan Kane
    Ári síðan

    You are actually my favorite omg btw I’m a small ISpulser:)

    1. Phoebe Vatis
      Phoebe Vatis
      Ári síðan

      same :) just subbed❤️

  69. Maddy de Vera
    Maddy de Vera
    Ári síðan

    fantabulous as always

  70. madeline riddle
    madeline riddle
    Ári síðan


  71. Ashley Salem
    Ashley Salem
    Ári síðan

    love you luca slay girl

  72. Cate Stiller
    Cate Stiller
    Ári síðan

    i praise your mom for her jokes ahah

  73. Darklord666123
    Ári síðan

    Love your videos!! Hope you still have some of those cookies left over??

  74. Harkirat Kaur
    Harkirat Kaur
    Ári síðan

    Make a snowflake cake !! You’re so gorg, and I’m obsessed w you 😂😂👏🏼👏🏼

  75. Adie K
    Adie K
    Ári síðan

    Your it hair is goals!!!

  76. Violet L.
    Violet L.
    Ári síðan

    just wanted to say you look gorgeous in this video

  77. Marti B
    Marti B
    Ári síðan

    I love your videos smmm💓💓

  78. Halle Bearden
    Halle Bearden
    Ári síðan

    what’s her outro song that goes “vibe vibe vibe w me now”

  79. mikayla ortillano
    mikayla ortillano
    Ári síðan

    koa rothman has really good surfing videos along with vlogs!

  80. daisy mae
    daisy mae
    Ári síðan

    I love your videos so much and your personality so great💓 also do you have any advice on how to deal with loosing friends? Xx