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Jamie Dimon, CEO and chairman of J.P. Morgan Chase, joins "Squawk Box" at the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss President Trump's interview with CNBC's Joe Kernen, the state of the global economy, the markets, interest rates and more.
J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told CNBC on Wednesday that negative interest rates are one of the only things that concern him in a market that’s otherwise in a “Goldilocks place.”
“The only thing I have trepidation about is negative interest rates, QE, and the diversion between stock prices and bond prices and yield and stuff like that,” Dimon said on “Squawk Box” from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
“It’s kind of one of the great experiments of all time, and we still don’t know what the ultimate outcome is,” Dimon said.
Negative interest rates have been used by central banks in Japan and Europe to try to stimulate their stubbornly stagnant economies. Economists are divided over their effectiveness to reignite economic growth, and some fear negative rates can keep growth subdued rather than lift it. They have been used in conjunction with quantitative easing, in the U.S. and abroad, where central banks purchase assets like Treasury bills.
“I think it’s very hard for central banks to forever make up for bad policy elsewhere,” Dimon said. “That puts in them in a trap. We’re a little bit in that trap today with rates so low around the world.”
“I would never buy a negative rate bond, not unless I was forced,” Dimon added. “In history whenever you’ve seen anything like that, it doesn’t necessarily end well.”
President Donald Trump, however, touted the use of negative interest rates at his Davos address on Tuesday, saying the U.S. is at a competitive disadvantage because its rates are higher.
“Even now as the United States is by far the strongest economic power in the world, it’s not even close. … We’re forced to compete with nations that are getting negative rates, something very new,” Trump said. “Meaning, they get paid to borrow money, something I could get used to very quickly. Love that.”
Dimon added that he was worried about the repercussions from quantitative easing, along with risks from cyber attacks or geopolitical events.
“It’s just in the back of my mind as such an abnormal situation that’s gone on for a long time,” Dimon said. “We don’t completely understand why, or the causes and effects, and we may not know for another 10 years.”
Dimon has led New York-based J.P. Morgan since 2005, helping build it into the biggest U.S. bank by assets.
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  1. Srt typ
    Srt typ
    15 klukkustundum síðan

    Full of Shi

  2. raz ram
    raz ram
    7 dögum síðan

    The Bankers will be the target when everything collapses

  3. raz ram
    raz ram
    7 dögum síðan

    The man is a snake and a thief, loved socialism when the banks got the free money

  4. Darshan Shetty
    Darshan Shetty
    10 dögum síðan

    That news reporter on the left, is an idiot. Please shut your hole.

  5. Theo
    25 dögum síðan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="200">3:20</a> ..."like China. China can run their economy more efficiently" ..."we (USA) failed"... He ran the entire show...Hes the head of largest FI in business...and HE failed Us...he got paid to crash systems. WE paid for it. So it's time that entire system dies it is.. China like policy is not the answer.

  6. Theo
    25 dögum síðan


  7. Adrian Backlund
    Adrian Backlund
    25 dögum síðan

    CNBC really should fire this Joe fellow.

  8. Aaron Tritt
    Aaron Tritt
    Mánuði síðan

    Thank you JP Morgan Chase. I love you Good People on this good Earth. We need better Energy better Transportation and better Technology. We need to get out of this 1920 technology. And start listening to the Full Blooded Native Americans. I'm pretty sure GOD will Welcome you and embrace you. Thank you.

  9. luludemon
    Mánuði síðan

    Give him a jacket already! He looks like he's freezing!

  10. James Richardson
    James Richardson
    Mánuði síðan

    Dimon should be in prison. JP Morgan has been fined billions (several times) for market manipulation.

  11. Mr. C
    Mr. C
    Mánuði síðan

    he's bs-ing big time. Not judging him, he's doing what he feels he musT, but it'S BS. he is spot on about capitalism.

  12. John Doe
    John Doe
    Mánuði síðan

    Vote Trump! Vote Republican!

  13. Morph Kogan
    Morph Kogan
    Mánuði síðan

    Jamie Dimon is a bafoon

  14. Brian Perkins
    Brian Perkins
    Mánuði síðan

    who watches this crap? constant interruptions, constant short interruptions. This is unbearable to watch. ,

  15. Tarey Reilly
    Tarey Reilly
    Mánuði síðan

    Dimon need to go to prison for a very long time.

  16. You can’t Handle the Truth
    You can’t Handle the Truth
    Mánuði síðan

    If the interviewers had any brains or interest in getting to the truth, they would ask “ If your against the evils of socialism, how can you say the Fed is doing well while their doing QE4 in the repo the tune of 60 billion per day?”

  17. muzzag2010
    Mánuði síðan

    A grub

  18. Feylord
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Destiny got cold in this debate

  19. Alexander Hayward
    Alexander Hayward
    2 mánuðum síðan

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  20. Seneca Brown
    Seneca Brown
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Trump imposes tariffs that crushes farmers. Trump then turns around and tries to fix his mistake by handing out $28 billion in rescue payments to farmers. I guess Trump likes socialism after all. Can't wait to see the television ads calling him a socialist for that one. ----------------- Donald Trump's favorite form of socialism. Socialism that benefits him. President Donald Trump's Golf Socialism. -----------------

  21. Billy The Kid
    Billy The Kid
    2 mánuðum síðan

    .......Bwahahahaha This clown!

  22. Devin
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Why hasn’t he ran for potus?

  23. Thomas Wightman
    Thomas Wightman
    2 mánuðum síðan

    if you want to go Broke in the Future... listen & follow this Puppet ...

  24. Lisa D
    Lisa D
    2 mánuðum síðan

    You've got to love Jamie Dimon going off on the evils of "socialism" for the people. It wasn't such a bad deal for you, you bastard, when we the people bailed your ass out with "corporate socialism".

  25. Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Free markets in the US???

  26. Tony Chenh
    Tony Chenh
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Need to give President Trump credit

  27. nole 89
    nole 89
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Every time I see Jaimie Dimon I think about those aristocrats that went to the guillotine in the French Revolution.

  28. Mathieu Yelle
    Mathieu Yelle
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Why isn't CNBC asking him about silver manipulation charges and how he managed to accumulate the largest physical silver position in this world's history (just under 70% I think). I would also ask if they are manipulating silver down to tame the price of gold and inflate fiat currency values cuz it's good business for banks.

  29. Emilio Verduzco
    Emilio Verduzco
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Let's ask a rich guy.

  30. Toai Tran
    Toai Tran
    2 mánuðum síðan

    This guy ran his company into bankruptcy. Obama bails him out and now he's touting how great the economy is, gtfoh.

  31. Liberty Springs
    Liberty Springs
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Carbon tax should be paid by the customer though not the company. For example if you tax an energy company directly, that just taxes the U.S. companies that get priced out of the market and we import fuel from countries that have even more emissions than we did to begin with. Total world emissions are all that matters.

  32. Liberty Springs
    Liberty Springs
    2 mánuðum síðan

    But most Americans are too fat to build bridges and high speed rail. Maybe start with more exercise in school and less sitting spaced out in a desk watching the clock tick by so slowly. Maybe 8am to 10am full on exercise, healthy old fashioned pb&j lunch instead of hamburgers, and then school until 3pm.

  33. Keith
    2 mánuðum síðan

    I wonder what comes after "goldilocks" ??

  34. Dan Reynolds
    Dan Reynolds
    2 mánuðum síðan

    op*por*tun*ist / noun a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans.

  35. YoIts LemonBoy!
    YoIts LemonBoy!
    2 mánuðum síðan

    man has such a cold heart he doesn't feel the cold in that climate.

    1. YoIts LemonBoy!
      YoIts LemonBoy!
      29 dögum síðan

      @server1 absolutely not i am P O O R.

    2. server1
      29 dögum síðan

      Have you ever been up in the mountains on a Sunny winter day with low ( or zero ) wind ?

    3. Jay A M
      Jay A M
      2 mánuðum síðan

      Ain't these the reptilians they talk about? He probably had still warm baby blood for breakfast.

  36. Sunset / Fairfax
    Sunset / Fairfax
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Once it all falls down, someone find this man and lynch him

  37. Arthur Burkey
    Arthur Burkey
    2 mánuðum síðan

    The two interviewers in the middle lack of any market knowledge is compensated by their golden radio voices. They need to do more listening than speaking.

  38. Adrian Dalzotto
    Adrian Dalzotto
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Get that idiot on the left off this show...adds no value, asks stupid questions and starts the interview on his phone.

    2 mánuðum síðan

    Wow. Great job Pressing him on the climate change hoax. I’m surprised to see that

  40. 姥姥王
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Jamie, you have a fan club here. I have lived in some socialism countries, you’re right, it doesn’t work

  41. Jason Songs
    Jason Songs
    2 mánuðum síðan

    joe is so annoying!!!!!

  42. The Truthseeker47
    The Truthseeker47
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Jamie Demon!!!!!!!

  43. Reaver70
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Dimon is such a shill. Like all right exponents goes straight to pointing at the far left extremes to FEAR monger people into believing he knows best..... Give back the Ferderal Money bail out cash to the taxpayers...

  44. Julian Dinkins
    Julian Dinkins
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Which companies work better as socialist? Fire companies, police companies and military companies. Obviously you can add health care in this. The argument that good care will be gone makes as much sense as saying firemen don't work as hard as they did back in the 1880's

  45. sam adam
    sam adam
    2 mánuðum síðan

    hahha why is joe still on this show? He speaks like crazy grandpa and the guest doesn't like him obviously. Retire already.

  46. Taimur
    2 mánuðum síðan

    I read his article in Times, “How to Save Capitalism”? What he meant how to save his type of earning mountain of money. His grabbing 21 millions perks whereas his lowest workers get hardly 15000 $/year. He has two tongues to contradict himself. On one end he seems concerned with “society” but on the other end wants to save capitalism. He described socialism falsely. He should know well difference between communism and socialism. Socialism does not mean control of people by the government. It means the people like him should be paid less and the poor should be paid enough to sustain their lives with minimum facilities. These are 1% of population controlling 99 % of the poor. His types were bailed out during 2008 at the tax payers money. Shameful, is it not?

  47. Tobias
    2 mánuðum síðan

    JP Morgan chase most profitable QTR ever. its because they overcharge their customers and squeeze customers. Be your own bank, buy crypto.

  48. heperile
    2 mánuðum síðan

    climate denier boomer on the left

  49. Ro nald
    Ro nald
    2 mánuðum síðan

    It is beyond imagination how far this guy is from the reality's of life. For him the world is one big spreadsheet and some graphs. O yea not to mention the bubble. The one he lives in that is. I wonder if he has any realization of the grief his unbounded greed and narrowmindedness is causing. Well who care's? It could be that he is a fraction of a pro-cent right :-)

  50. Sallie Mcintire
    Sallie Mcintire
    2 mánuðum síðan

    1 zero interest!!

  51. cristian castro
    cristian castro
    2 mánuðum síðan

    carbon tax. andrew yang. thank you jamie

  52. Scott M
    Scott M
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Demos will try to crash the economy if the impeachment doesn't work

  53. Dino Dionne
    Dino Dionne
    2 mánuðum síðan

    One thing is for sure - when Davis is cheery and optimistic, the world is about to crush! The Davis contrarian indicator.

  54. Beau Bernier
    Beau Bernier
    2 mánuðum síðan

    reasonable human: "green energy is good" guy paid to have specific opinions: "fuck you pollution is awesome"

  55. k quat
    k quat
    2 mánuðum síðan

    He didn't thank us for bailing him out, let alone pay back anything.

  56. Sal
    2 mánuðum síðan

    I think that beeping earpiece was no accident. They wanted him to take it out so they could sandbag him with questions we all want answered ad-libbed lol

  57. Grinch
    2 mánuðum síðan

    @16;50 Thank you. CO2 is what polluters use fool everybody. They hide soot, VOC's, and sulfur-based polution that really effects our world.

  58. E Campbell
    E Campbell
    2 mánuðum síðan

    God bless geo-economic policy!!!

  59. John Vatistas
    John Vatistas
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Amazed at how poorly the questions were being asked by CNBC. Not interested in really understanding the issues and looking for soundbites only. Sad.

    1. Theo
      25 dögum síðan

      You acted like the questioned are not preapproved.

  60. Chia Chee seng
    Chia Chee seng
    2 mánuðum síðan

    One thing I disagree. Carbon tax. Tree need carbon dioxide. Driver need lower fuel cost. Eating my earnings, than I will withdraw my support.

  61. Gary G
    Gary G
    2 mánuðum síðan

    He needs to get a class in socialism. Govt giving banks 700B after banks tricked general population by giving sub prime mortgages (after circumventing prior rules) is Socialism. Govt spending on healthcare of general population, FROM THE TAXES PAID BY THE POPULATION is NOT socialism

  62. Gary G
    Gary G
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Is that why JP morgan trader including senior management are likely going to jail for Price fixing in metals ? Capitalism my ass

  63. Mark Stouffer
    Mark Stouffer
    2 mánuðum síðan

    "Socialism is gov't control. It leads to corruption." And "What we need for climate is government control." The non-depth of popular philosophy.

    1. Mark Stouffer
      Mark Stouffer
      24 dögum síðan

      @John Etro All definitions of socialism are self-contradictory, meaning it can never exist within reality. It can only exist outside of reality. That is a problem of the socialists, not their critics. The closest is "the abolition of property" and THIS IS an attempt at that. Redistribution is plunder, and is claimed as a remedy to the injustices of property. The contradiction is that it just turns private property into POLITICAL PROPERTY.

    2. John Etro
      John Etro
      25 dögum síðan

      ​@Mark Stouffer it still isn't quite the definition of socialism for what occurred. but it doesn't matter, yes close enough. it was corrupt. I think the banking industry should be full reserve and free market (so when you can let them fail, and people just get all their money back). because the government proved it cant seem to regulate them properly.

    3. Mark Stouffer
      Mark Stouffer
      26 dögum síðan

      @John Etro you mean it want socialist enough? Bailing out failing banks with tax dollars sends a clear, controlling message to the ENTIRE BANKING INDUSTRY which they use to make plans for decades. It is a strong instance of socialist action.

    4. John Etro
      John Etro
      26 dögum síðan

      Jeb Tompkins true. Devils in the details. Like people say well then 2008 was socialism bailing out banks. No, and that wasn’t capitalism either. The government just bailed out, not controlled, the fractional reserves banks that weren’t being regulated properly.

    5. Jeb Tompkins
      Jeb Tompkins
      2 mánuðum síðan

      He said government "policy", not control. Two very different things man. Misleading to benefit your agenda seems to be the popular philosophy.

  64. Bloodbath McGrath
    Bloodbath McGrath
    2 mánuðum síðan

    What's the point of paying it if you "get it back" just sounds like another way for people to control how we live our lives and using money to do it

  65. Spadedaps
    2 mánuðum síðan

    But doesn’t high sovereign debt imply that the government is simply absorbing the debt of the private sector?

    1. Billy The Kid
      Billy The Kid
      2 mánuðum síðan

      No it's an out of control spending spree, you could say it's a wife with a credit card.

  66. Chris Dunn
    Chris Dunn
    2 mánuðum síðan

    JPM collected $1.8 billion in overdraft fees in 2017. Funny to hear him talk about widening income inequality and lower income students

  67. Chuck Farley
    Chuck Farley
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Main point: QE is a biiiiig question mark. Doesn't think there are any bubbles caused by it except sovereign debt.

  68. Mike Korn
    Mike Korn
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Did JD "The balance sheet is in great shape"? Thought so.... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="498">8:18</a> andy can't even say "HIS" name.... It's TRUMP andy President Trump

  69. MrGrandwazzoo45
    2 mánuðum síðan

    I bet his yacht cost as much to fill as my whole year income!

  70. James Zell
    James Zell
    2 mánuðum síðan

    One volcano erupting emits more carbon than the industrial revolution in us.

  71. Red Pill Renaissance
    Red Pill Renaissance
    2 mánuðum síðan

    This guy is a criminal! He should have been thrown in jail in 2008. Instead the Fed bailed banksters like him out and now he is a billionaire. The Fed is FLOODING the markets with liquidity. When the Fed loses control of interest rates or kills the dollar, I can only hope that companies like this have to write down loses, not get bailed out like in 08. Nothing has been fixed since 2008. The Fed and Central Banksters just printed 23 trillion Yen, Yuan, Euros, and Dollars, and dropped interest rates to 0% or negative for 10 years. They can't NORMALIZE interest rates without crashing the economy and popping all of the bubbles they have created. Many people are waking up to this reality! We need to END the Fed, Remonitize Silver and Gold with a bimetallic monetary standard, and stop trying to strip the Constitutional rights of Americans.

  72. James Zell
    James Zell
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Jaime Demon, the CEO of the world silver manipulation company

  73. JuanFernando Gracia
    JuanFernando Gracia
    2 mánuðum síðan

    There's snow in the back, the interviewers are wearing coats, while Jamie is chilling like he was in Florida

    1. President Vincent Wilson II
      President Vincent Wilson II
      2 mánuðum síðan

      JuanFernando Gracia he’s a reptile

    2. crypto_ hodler
      crypto_ hodler
      2 mánuðum síðan

      He's a legend. Him and Trump had to join forces-- nothing beyond their reach. Imo.

  74. CEB
    2 mánuðum síðan

    This is a Thug gang member... All he needs is gold teeth and saggy pants

  75. Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Why don't they ask Jamie about the racketeering charges JP Morgan is facing for manipulating precious metals markets? This guy is a criminal slimeball.

  76. Obi Juan
    Obi Juan
    2 mánuðum síðan

    The market is always highest before its not. We let the Fed run the banks, the banks were scamming the public, the Fed (Greenspan) said no need to worry markets take care of themselves, just before we had to give banks $800 billion for screwing up the economy. JPMorgan led the crisis.

  77. Sel Dis Pat
    Sel Dis Pat
    2 mánuðum síðan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="881">14:41</a>" You guy every... you go... clima... climat... climate..." -- Jamie Dimon

    2 mánuðum síðan

    When you mention India and China please check the per capita usage of US A person in US energy needs is equiv to 50 Indian people

  79. Burninmyleather
    2 mánuðum síðan

    Lol Jamie always seems A lil on edge by those that don’t understand the beauty of capitalism & Banking. Frankly, that’s what I find appealing about him. Cause I Get it! Even though I’m anti the greed & ponzi side

    1. nole 89
      nole 89
      2 mánuðum síðan

      Burninmyleather If you don’t see a criminal when you look at Dimon then you’re a self hating idiot.

  80. kmostudios
    2 mánuðum síðan

    He's the King of Carbon -- CEO of the world's biggest banker of climate change, pumping $196 BILLION into planet-cooking fossil fuels since 2016. We have to stop him.