FOOD ART CHALLENGE 3 & How To Make the Best Epic STAR WARS Custom Art By Customizing Funny Foods

Collins Key
130 457 Áhorf 13 m.

We’re back for the food art challenge 3 with the best reveal yet! Today brothers (not twins) the key bros are customizing epic funny foods to teach you how to make custom Star Wars characters like a hairy Chewbacca and the original Yoda we all loved before we met Baby Yoda in Disney Plus The Mandalorian. This diy cooking competition also has an amazing diy alien and an unbelievable mummy with real tasty slimy insides. And the best part is that you can eat and enjoy it all after! Which ISpulser will become the ultimate fruit ninja and create a watermelon Darth Vader? Whose art will cause the most surprising reaction? It’s another awesome and amazing viral video in this fun comedy entertainment and life hack tutorial compilation series.


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    Keyper squad

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    "It's like a spidey sense I have before a mess is about to happen..." Me: I bet it goes off all the time

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    7:25 Oh Oh. Oh. Oh Oh. Oh ohhhhhhhhhhh oh. Oh ohhh oh oh Oh. Oh. Oh Oh no Put it back put it back That’s why I love this channel

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    why would you eat them at 7:14

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    Collins: Yeeeeet the powder! Devin: cleanliness is above all

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    Marlee Vestal
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    You can’t have lemon curd without lemon and you can’t have devan curd without devan

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    Who watches their vids but doesn’t actually do the hacks

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    I love it on how Collins always is making a mess. I love it. 😂

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    Both of you will win

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    no wonder zombies like brains lol

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    Love how Collin said watch the fosit when he will break it

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    Chewbacca actually kind of looked like devan

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    Xx. X.

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    were did they get ostrich egg

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    roses are red violet are blue collins said,s yeet an ever thing go,s BOM!!!

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    Yeah I saw you on America’s got talent you’re amazing

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    Uhh please tell me that strip wax is honey because otherwise I hope you don’t intend on eating that cactus

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      Devan’s new wig

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    Now the cactus feels woman's pain ._.

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    8:15 More like a lemon Devan

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    I loved seeing the cactis geting wacst

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    Sorry devan and colin for swearing

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      idk if i am sorry jk i am

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    You should teach Collins how to be like you Devon

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    2:09 - 2:12 Collin go’s “now it’s time to bust the coconut” and then Devan says “more like bust the table”. That part is so funny

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    If you see this stay safe and have a good life

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    Collins is finally a artist

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    Did anyone else feel uncomfortable when the dissected the alien and mummy?Ok just me!

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    oof a nut. coconut dude

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    They both won in the 1'st round

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    0:11 did devan just swear

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