Emma Chamberlain, Coffee Queen & CEO, Has Impeccable Taste ☕ | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

20 786 Áhorf 2,1 m.

Guys, Emma Chamberlain wasn’t lying-she’s a total coffee connoisseur. We challenged the ISpulse queen (and our February cover star!!!) to a very special Expensive Taste Test challenge, where she attempts to pick out the bougiest gummy bears, PB&J sandwiches, iPhone camera attachments, and more! With her trademark humor, the ‘Chamberlain Coffee’ CEO absolutely destroys the cold brew round without breaking a sweat. And uh, not to spoil anything, but Iggy Azalea might be pissed when she sees the end of this vid!
Want more Emma? Read her interview here! www.cosmopolitan.com/emma-chamberlain
Shoutout to Fred Segal Sunset in Los Angeles for letting us shoot in their gorgeous store. Emma's adorbs sweatshirt is THE Marc Jacobs.
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