Epidemic, Endemic, and Eradication Simulations

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Thanks to Dr Rohin Francis of Medlife Crisis and Dr Rishi Desai of Osmosis for their feedback.
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Interactive COVID-19 simulations from Nicky Case and epidemiologist Marcel Salathé:
- ncase.me/covid-19
More on logistic growth
- 3Blue1Brown, also regarding disease spread: ispulse.info/video/r5TUaKuBqnSuo54.html
- Primer, regarding carrying capacity: ispulse.info/video/2YW1rKOodo-NZms.html
- Khan Academy, modeling biology with calculus: www.khanacademy.org/math/ap-calculus-bc/bc-differential-equations-new/bc-7-9/v/modeling-population-with-differential-equations
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