Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It

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Is there a right way to beat Minecraft? Throughout the game's lifetime, players have developed and refined many different strategies. In this video, I beat Minecraft using official Mojang guides. Do the creators of the game know something we don't? I'm sure we're going to find out!
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    I like minecraft Yay
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    I like minecraft Yay
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    tip: always bring a bucket of water to the end it can be used to stop enderman attacking you and also to mlg when the dragon hits you into the air.

  13. Shawn/IO
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    ok so minecraft is a ridiculously pointless game, but this video actually explained what the POINT of minecraft actually is. when you look at it from the perspective you need to "level up" to "fight the end guy" it makes the game actually make sense now, at least to me

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    Please upload more videos! I really enjoyed this and the editing is so well done! Good job!

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    I don't know why Mojang didn't add a pumpkin as something to help you defeat the ender dragon. Endermen can't kill you that way.

  23. harry clements
    harry clements
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    the title: beating minecraft the way mojang intended it him: digging straight down the first rule: am i a joke to you

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    Why did 7:36 sound like a nice beat

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    Death By Dillan
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    we all want to beat minecraft the way mojang intended, but never live life the way god intended

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    That was the ENTIRE GAME??? 😳😳😳

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    Main Mane
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    why did u stop?

  36. Soham Kiran Dalvi
    Soham Kiran Dalvi
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    I have never build a nether portal mojang= how did you beat the ender dragon Me- in creative

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    Michelle Dominguez
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    Now beat the game on Nightmare mode

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    Well tourchs dosent light up the caves in case you don’t put it at somewhere

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    Who else got an ad as soon as he went to the nether

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    Alexander Meloche
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    If you think that getting back to the overworld felt good, I didn't make a path to the portal and ended up having to run around using math (because I could figure out where the portal was in the nether by dividing the coordinates of my base by 8, yes this is confusing) to find it and after like two hours I finally found it.

    1. Alexander Meloche
      Alexander Meloche
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      And what happened in my vacation in the nether? Well, I lost my iron chestplate and heavily destroyed my other armor pieces, I used two golden apples and two totems of undying, I almost ate all of my bread and apples and I almost died so many times. I am only going back just to get the ender pearls from the warped forest and then I'm never going back.

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    Futurebop 89
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    “*sighs* that was terrible 😂😂😂” me: how the heck did u beat it single player i cant even do it in SURVIVAL 😔

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    So no one is gonna talk about why he had a HUGE knife... I mean sick

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    Mission Sid 87
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    Alternative title: Beating Minecraft if Minecraft was the cringiest and stupidest thing ever

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    When you where getting sheep for the end you just killed the sheep instead of using your shears poor sheep 🐑 😢 😞 💔 😔 😕 🐑

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    i build mine with 100 blocks to the nether

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  86. Totally not a pug 2010
    Totally not a pug 2010
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    I made a ez blaze farm by covering the entire box around the blaze with any block that isn’t flammable then makeing a one block hole so that the blaze can see you then next to it a staircase downt to one block bellow where the floor in the box is so your your head is at the level of the where the blazes bottom are so they can’t attack you but you can attack them

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