The Macabre Death Of Edgar Allan Poe

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How much do we really know about the death of one of the most famous poets in the world?
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    Anyone here because you had an assignment of “A dream within a Dream”

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    Ryan: He fell in love with his cousin. .... Oh jeez Edgar Allen. Poe was 27 and Virginia 13. .... Edgar Allen No!!

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    I love the OC lol

  8. Kyla Main
    Kyla Main
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    Married young teenagers was actually not, "A thing of the time." It was frowned upon by most of society, pretty much only predators were alright with. It is a very large myth though that many people believe

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    “I saw coco” 😂😂😂😂😂

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    can't believe you guys don't talk about the theory he died of rabies

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    Do the aarushi talwar case in india!!!

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    what about the legend where Poe died on a bench?

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    every time that doll comes on screen I have my eyes on it

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    Why tf was no autopsy ever performed

  17. the spanish inquisition
    the spanish inquisition
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    i felt bad for poe until the part where he showed up as a pedophile.

  18. I'macherry ontop
    I'macherry ontop
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    I just finished a Morbid Curiosity Podcast episoded that suspected Poe of having rabies

  19. MidnightMayhem91
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  20. Rads ical
    Rads ical
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    Sounds like he was cooped! Makes sense

  21. Rads ical
    Rads ical
    21 klukkustund síðan

    Maybe he was going through withdrawal or severe intoxication? He could’ve had Delirium Tremens which is a symptom of withdrawal. Maybe he went through that while in the hospital?

  22. Shweta Garg
    Shweta Garg
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    Poe published poems

  23. Your garden Faery-gnome
    Your garden Faery-gnome
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    This is so bonkers, my lucky number is 27 and my unlucky is 13 😳

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    Lithium Princess
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    As a young emo teen, I loved Edgar. Now as an adult, I feel gross, now that I know that he was an incestuous pedophile 💀

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    Zac Saleski
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    Single Gal Guide
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  31. Tabytha Smith
    Tabytha Smith
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    It's crazy how now in Virginia there's a whole museum dedicated to him.

  32. VAL LE
    VAL LE
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    if i was him, i would’ve ended my life

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    Logan Mannke
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    The amount of mispronounced words in these videos is remarkable. I lost count after 30 in this one alone. End quote

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    Sticksel Pixel gaming
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  38. Black Rose
    Black Rose
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    why didn't yall bring up that someone would put a rose on his grave every year? kind of mysterious

  39. Taine de Jong
    Taine de Jong
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    The silver lining is Poe would never of been as famous as he is

  40. Nikolai Tea
    Nikolai Tea
    Degi Síðan síðan

    the cousin thing is wrong, isnt it? I heard he married her so he could take her in and take care of her, not for romantic or sexual reasons

  41. Lizardo
    Degi Síðan síðan

    I was thinking of this weeks before this was uploaded

  42. lemonadecupcakes
    Degi Síðan síðan

    I love this. But you didn't apparently know that the temperance movement was started because of rampant child and spousal abuse. Alcoholism became a huge problem and they were trying to combat it. I mean, in hindsight it was a bad choice, but to give them a little credit, they were desperate.

  43. Star Boy
    Star Boy
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    What happened to Ryan’s hairline

  44. Paige C
    Paige C
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    I guess you could say edgar was a POdophile

  45. Mellena Brave
    Mellena Brave
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    "She was 13." *long. Uncomfortable silence*

  46. Feather Gatcha
    Feather Gatcha
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    PoeSA took me out 😂

  50. jennicat 13
    jennicat 13
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    I don't know why everyone's saying a 13 yr old marrying an adult was normal. In the year Poe and Virginia were married, the average age for a person to get married was 22. Virginia's mother wrote on the marriage certificate that she was 21. It wasn't ok then, it's not ok now. Thankfully, most historians believe that they never consummated the marriage, and Poe only married her so she could escape poverty. He referred to her as his 'sister'.

  51. Jelly Nono
    Jelly Nono
    Degi Síðan síðan

    He sounds like a pathetic loser to me.

  52. thelennygirl
    Degi Síðan síðan

    Sooo where does Lenore come into this? I thought Lenore was his wife. He quotes her in a few of his poems and short stories.

  53. Kiarah Parker
    Kiarah Parker
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    Sooo here’s a wild one.. Carole Baskin... FED HER HUSBAND (Don Lewis) TO TIGERS.. but for some reason case went cold.. prove em wrong!! #JusticeForDonLewis

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    Yesenia Flores
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    You guys should do the Long Island Killer case! Serial killer killed over 6 sex workers and no one has been convicted of the murders

  55. XxXLemonaya ProductionsXxX
    XxXLemonaya ProductionsXxX
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    It is actually not wrong to marry a cousin , in my culture in family marriages r common, my parents were cousins

  56. Araceli Esquivel
    Araceli Esquivel
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    I love Shane’s phobia of heroin, and how confused Ryan always is when he brings it up. If anything happen to them I-

  57. nail clippings are a snack
    nail clippings are a snack
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    i want to rip that mustache off your face id like to see you try

  58. Daniel McMaster
    Daniel McMaster
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    On top of the Baltimore Ravens being in Poe's hometown, their mascots (three ravens) are named Edgar, Allen, and Poe

  59. Ego the living planet
    Ego the living planet
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    I’d love a movie of telltale heart and raven and some other Poe stories by A24 shot in black in white

  60. Millie Collins
    Millie Collins
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    Forgot about this now Shane has a stash wtf have I missed

  61. Nataliah1130
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    Ive always had this weird crush on Edgar Allan Poe lol

  62. Meryem Harguil
    Meryem Harguil
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    When shane said , PoeSA and ryan looked at him like that i lost it 😂😂😂

  63. Aslan
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    Who else knows about Edgar Poe because of the Netflix show “Altered Carbon”

  64. queen andrews
    queen andrews
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    “I watched Coco” -Shane. Literally made me choke on my ginseng tea 🤣🤣🤣

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    Frederick Bingley
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    Definitely sounds like a mixture of all things

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    The Unsolved Mystery Death of Marilyn Monroe would be good.

  67. Zachariah Sutton
    Zachariah Sutton
    2 dögum síðan

    I thought Poe was addicted to Benzodiazepines, which could explain his tolerance to alcohol as benzos have contradictory affects when combined with boozes. #postmortem

  68. Anushree Mohta
    Anushree Mohta
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    Is it me or these two look like dads of 3yr olds :/ I’ve seen unsolved before and they looked so much younger time flies so quickly o-0

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    Imogen Clare
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    NKVD Citizen101
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  72. Jess dl
    Jess dl
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    Y'all know that tuberculosis can infect the brain, could cause lesions, sweating, hallucinations..

  73. The Shape
    The Shape
    2 dögum síðan

    I think he was cooped and after being beaten left him with brain damage.

  74. Kristi !
    Kristi !
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    Shane looks like he could play a character for Stranger Things

  75. Jasmin Richoux
    Jasmin Richoux
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    No one: Ryan: I’m going to rip the moustache off of your face. Shane: I’d like to see you try.

  76. SIGH
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    That epic moment when you share a birthday with Edgar Allan Poe

  77. woiour loin
    woiour loin
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    shanes right, it WASN'T accepted at the time. he was weird back then too

  78. zarasbazaar
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    Your brain can dehydrate and shrink within your skull.

  79. Navyaaa
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    "Poe started writing POEms"

    1. Navyaaa
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      @woiour loin hahahhaa

    2. woiour loin
      woiour loin
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      Shane's facial hair is not doing it for me.

  80. captain x chaos
    captain x chaos
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