Turning My Squishy into FOOD | Bake With ME #1

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-i'm going to die from eating raw eggs (i'm still alive, it's fine 😂)
-that's not how to use a piping tip/bag (i told you I didn't know what i was doing!!! haha)
-i forgot the powdered sugar (yes i know....i added it at the end. nobody's perfect i guess)
-i could have just flipped the squishy over since I dipped the wrong side (Tried that, there are no sprinkles on the bottom of the squishy and it looks really awkwardly upside down. couldn't flip the brownie either because i already set it down and the melted chocolate flattened on the plate and hardened)

Hey Guys! This is kind of a different video than the usual squishy makeover, create this book, crafting kind of thing. I hope you guys don't mind the little change. I like to switch it up every once in a while! And since I was out of town for a few days, this was the perfect opportunity.
Basically I am using a design for one of my squishy makeovers and turning it into a real-life dessert. My goal is to bake something that looks as close to the original design as possible (easier said than done lol).
I have had this idea for quite some time. Ever since I saw the whole "squishy vs real food" challenge that was trending awhile ago. This is, well....completely different from that lol, but I kinda got inspiration from that challenge.
I hope you guys enjoy this "baking with me" video. I had a lot of fun doing it, and it was a nice break since this was so much less time consuming to make than my normal videos. This may be just a one time thing, but I could definitely do it again if you guys want me to! Just let me know. I have plenty more squishy designs I could make IRL.

RECIPE FOR EASY, NO FAIL BLONDIES: www.inspiredtaste.net/23801/no-fail-blondies-recipe/

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    Who’s kitchen are you in

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    I was supposed to mail you my squishies but I didn't get it to you because I don't have your address sorry but maybe I'll find another way hopefully I can make it up to you😢😭

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    *Halfway through the video* *Me scrolling through the comments-* Moriah: Let me get my piping bag- Me: Ur done already-??

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    marissa miller-weiss
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    yes make more of these!

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    she forgot the sugar on top

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    1. Galaxy Kitty cat queen
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    Moriah!! Just to let you know, you have to wash the NEW dishes for safety reasons...

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    Can u make the rainbow ice cream

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    When she’s cutting the cookie: cuts the flattest part. Like wat is this!

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    If you want to soften butter put a cup of water next to it

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    6:06 **Salmonella has entered the chat**

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    You don't spread batter with a knife

  27. Haadiyah Chishty
    Haadiyah Chishty
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    Moriah decides to eat it Me: *thinking moriah will say that is a lot of sugar Moriah: that’s a lot a lot of sugar Me: what did I say

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  36. Elia Ramos
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    you ROCKED this one Moriah!! I've got a challenge for you. can you make the food replacement from a cake in a video? Thanks!!! love ya like a sister!!

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    1. Valentina Hutopila
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  55. Karli HOLLAND
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    Voice Of An Angel
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    Voice Of An Angel
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  60. Music Mama
    Music Mama
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    Moriah: Why did I paint this so light??! Me: 😬 Moriah: That's not nAtUrAl!!! Me: Are squishes supposed to be natural looking?