When Boxers Enter The Matrix

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In boxing the name of the game is hit and not get hit.
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  1. Human Laoce
    Human Laoce
    13 klukkustundum síðan

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  2. Kevin Olario
    Kevin Olario
    2 dögum síðan

    They forgot joshua kelly☹️

  3. Finley Bray
    Finley Bray
    3 dögum síðan

    Why in Oscar de la Hoyas fight they look two feet tall

  4. Jessgo
    4 dögum síðan

    Good thing you didn't mention "running skills" so Floyd Mayweather's not on the video!!

  5. L C
    L C
    5 dögum síðan

    Great stuff. Whole other level. Love it. But the greats do get caught. Agent Smith is good too.

  6. Shallow
    5 dögum síðan

    so nobody’s gonna talk about that knockdown at 9:25 😂😂😂

  7. Ramirez Luis
    Ramirez Luis
    5 dögum síðan

    For real wey! U have no idea what the Matrix mean? Or probably!

  8. Xander Duenas
    Xander Duenas
    5 dögum síðan

    this guy sounds like the narrator on how its made

  9. Kállai Dezső
    Kállai Dezső
    6 dögum síðan

    Nice video ,but i miss about this video Joe Fraizer !

  10. Asad Marji
    Asad Marji
    6 dögum síðan

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  11. Dion Hopkins
    Dion Hopkins
    7 dögum síðan

    14:30 sucks to be beat by a dude in a skirt

  12. Slurge
    7 dögum síðan

    3:00 Good Luck Charlie dad is going crazy

  13. Lynx&POG
    7 dögum síðan

    The dislikes are 666 (the matrix took that personally)

  14. Robert Alex
    Robert Alex
    7 dögum síðan

    4:00 same dirty cheat with the knuckle at the wrist's place

  15. Sebastian Ponce
    Sebastian Ponce
    8 dögum síðan

    Tyson fury is trash

    8 dögum síðan

    Emmanuel Augustus the 'Drunken master' the best of all times!

  17. E Pang
    E Pang
    8 dögum síðan

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  18. Gaming with Lawrence
    Gaming with Lawrence
    8 dögum síðan

    BOxInGF iS So nIcWE

    1. Gaming with Lawrence
      Gaming with Lawrence
      8 dögum síðan


  19. Gaming with Lawrence
    Gaming with Lawrence
    8 dögum síðan

    POOP TASTE LIKE POOP lololololololololololololololololol

  20. Gaming with Lawrence
    Gaming with Lawrence
    8 dögum síðan


  21. Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish
    9 dögum síðan

    He is fucking ginger! Thats a fucking crime!

  22. Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish
    9 dögum síðan

    Is that a porn?

  23. Alex La_Grange
    Alex La_Grange
    9 dögum síðan

    can't landed it in head punch to the body lol

  24. moto1p1
    9 dögum síðan

    All others look like amateurs when next to Roy Jones Jr. in his prime!

  25. joshy the hand
    joshy the hand
    9 dögum síðan

    I love mike.. but I SWEAR there used to be footage of one of his fights during his rise on here.. I went frame by frame.. and Tyson clearly.misses. . It's fast and hard to see at full speed.. but slowed down you see it's a clear miss and the guy gos down with bad acting. It's either fixed.. or dude pussed out.. but Mike misses

  26. Ezequiel Dg
    Ezequiel Dg
    9 dögum síðan

    saved the best for last. nicolino forever the king of "you cant touch this"

  27. Rafael Zamot
    Rafael Zamot
    10 dögum síðan

    It has to be so frustrating trying to punch someone that is right in front of you but you simply cannot hit.

  28. Darius Scales
    Darius Scales
    10 dögum síðan

    Emmanuel Augustus.......I can't believe I ain't see this dude on HERE WOW.

  29. pastoramaru
    10 dögum síðan

    I feel like i'm not a hater in general... but then i watch Mayweather...lol Now i'm older and I give it to him, his the best DEFENSIVE boxer in the world.

  30. Todd Baker
    Todd Baker
    10 dögum síðan

    No Prince naseem Hamed, Bad call.

  31. Enrique Garza
    Enrique Garza
    11 dögum síðan

    Emanuel Augustus better be on this list

  32. xKRYPTIK pro gaming.
    xKRYPTIK pro gaming.
    11 dögum síðan

    Mahumad qawi 🤣

  33. James Diaz
    James Diaz
    11 dögum síðan

    i watch videos like these and think "so pros cant study this and counter it to win?" But then i realize, the guys doing these moves are pretty much UNSTOPPABLE💀

  34. Victor Tatevosyan
    Victor Tatevosyan
    11 dögum síðan

    People forget how great Mike Tyson's defense was

  35. Tilden Gold
    Tilden Gold
    11 dögum síðan

    11:32 slow down video to 0: 5

  36. Lucas Mancini
    Lucas Mancini
    12 dögum síðan

    2:26 at this point he is just processing him into a can of meat...

  37. Ettrix
    12 dögum síðan

    These guys are BOXERS not FIGHTERS , they are not fighting. They are scoring points within a boxing ruleset. Hence why it is a Boxing Match and not a Boxing Fight. (In a fight, you HAVE to stop the guy... in a Boxing Match, you can opt to just rely on points, and just last... enter Mayweather)

  38. marcus larwa
    marcus larwa
    13 dögum síðan

    When they showed the Mike Tyson slow motion, Gross actually landed a lot of those punches. Granted Tyson just had a great chin and took them well, but they still Landed.

    1. Todd Baker
      Todd Baker
      10 dögum síðan

      I’ve seen much better from Tyson

  39. marcus larwa
    marcus larwa
    13 dögum síðan

    Sad part is Billy Joe hasn’t looked that good since that fight.

  40. Giant Squid
    Giant Squid
    13 dögum síðan

    Lomachenco shouldn't be on this video he is a hype job

  41. Nathan Bell
    Nathan Bell
    13 dögum síðan

    9:25 looks like a newborn deer

  42. andre montes
    andre montes
    13 dögum síðan

    floyd really understood ‘hot and not get hit ‘

  43. Armando
    14 dögum síðan

    where is prince naseem?

  44. Joe
    15 dögum síðan

    15:05 Dang he was really out here quick as a "pewma" 🤣🤣🤣

  45. paul haney
    paul haney
    15 dögum síðan

    It’s cool and all but he does know what happened rocky IV right?

  46. AkiiZ 4545
    AkiiZ 4545
    15 dögum síðan

    Qawi made him look like a kid, even though he was shorter

  47. YShb tv
    YShb tv
    16 dögum síðan

    Real talk..ispulse.info/video/vYPDgHqKdHKndJA.html

  48. Charlie Tuliao
    Charlie Tuliao
    16 dögum síðan

    why Pacman not in the list??? hes crazy footstep 🤣???

  49. Kromazone
    16 dögum síðan

    May weather needs to let alverez another shot

  50. كلاشنكوف ٧
    كلاشنكوف ٧
    16 dögum síðan

    باين على صاحب هذي القناه عنصري بغيض ليش ماجاب لولقطه وحده لملك المراوغه المسلم العربى نسيم حميد ليش علشان انه مسلم همشتوه سحقاً لكل عنصري حقود.

  51. enchade
    17 dögum síðan

    28:48 The absolute legend Muhammad Ali

  52. AwShucksMotherfucker
    17 dögum síðan

    6:27 at first I thought the commentary were the vocals to the rap beat

    18 dögum síðan

    you needed to include Willie Pep.

  54. Julian Gilyadov
    Julian Gilyadov
    18 dögum síðan

    roy is fucking king

  55. Sina Asi
    Sina Asi
    18 dögum síðan

    Click bait..

  56. Garr Bear
    Garr Bear
    19 dögum síðan

    Tyson fury is also a cheater don’t forget that

  57. di. mythios
    di. mythios
    19 dögum síðan

    Mayweather is a con artist and has made boxing the Farce that it is today. Almost all of his career he picked and choose his fighter, the place where the fight is going to be, and so on to stack the fight in his favor. Because on how low AND RIGGED professional boxing has become I'll watch MMA instead.

  58. Alpha Alcove
    Alpha Alcove
    19 dögum síðan

    18:45 his name is autism, is that because he causes it in other people? LOL

  59. gordon peden
    gordon peden
    20 dögum síðan

    Excellent! True "Boxing" Thanks for the upload.

  60. Johan Jönsson
    Johan Jönsson
    20 dögum síðan

    Any of these would eat the pretender Jake Paul for breakfast!

  61. Delysidus
    20 dögum síðan

    24:00 - cheater - balls beater

  62. YBD Belza
    YBD Belza
    21 degi síðan síðan

    Saunders vs canelo should happen 🤝

  63. • Virtual-_-Snagz
    • Virtual-_-Snagz
    21 degi síðan síðan

    2:52 why no one talkin about how creepy that looks

  64. g0k1
    21 degi síðan síðan

    21:42 Rodriguez laughed at Plant's funny showmanship and incredible speed! :D

  65. da2nd2nn
    21 degi síðan síðan

    this video has excellent production, but lacking. How do you put caleb plant and joe calzaghe in here but leave out Bernard Hopkins, Prince Naseem, and Emmanuel Augustus?

  66. Elmo’s World
    Elmo’s World
    21 degi síðan síðan

    If boxers battle rapped their opponents before the fight. Views beyond their wildest dreams

  67. heavierthanheaven88
    21 degi síðan síðan

    Why hasn't Lomachenko and Mayweather fought yet?

  68. Sunny Gob
    Sunny Gob
    22 dögum síðan


  69. oo oo
    oo oo
    22 dögum síðan

    Great example of voice don't match the size of the body Comment down

  70. King Damian
    King Damian
    23 dögum síðan

    James tony was not backing down no matter what he still wanted to go he was standing his ground

  71. Farsa Rubin
    Farsa Rubin
    23 dögum síðan

    Sum of all in Perenll Whitaker

  72. Toxic City
    Toxic City
    23 dögum síðan

    When boxers take control over the matrix

  73. Tomás Uriel
    Tomás Uriel
    23 dögum síðan

    Search "Nicolino Locche" that man was untouchable, Matrix was teached for him, a real superhero, Earth Thanos

  74. Zach Wells
    Zach Wells
    23 dögum síðan

    This is straight up sexual harrassment. Or absolute emasculation...

  75. Dre n
    Dre n
    24 dögum síðan

    Was tyson on roids? His voice was so high damn 😂

  76. amir hamzah
    amir hamzah
    24 dögum síðan

    "to hit very hard and very hard to hit" -Muhammad qawi

    1. YShb tv
      YShb tv
      16 dögum síðan

      Real talk..ispulse.info/video/vYPDgHqKdHKndJA.html

  77. Ville Juhlin
    Ville Juhlin
    24 dögum síðan

    Good luck Logan

  78. Kevin Ramirez
    Kevin Ramirez
    25 dögum síðan

    Canelo definitely learned something from the Mayweather fight.

  79. Tiago M
    Tiago M
    25 dögum síðan

    When boxers enter the matrix? You mean break the matrix.

  80. ri On
    ri On
    25 dögum síðan

    U gotta rush Floyd

  81. ri On
    ri On
    25 dögum síðan

    I like the title fr

  82. El Codeine
    El Codeine
    26 dögum síðan

    you can literally see tyson fury cheating in the video 💀💀bros gloves aren’t all the way on

  83. Steve Dunbar
    Steve Dunbar
    26 dögum síðan

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  84. JustAnotherCrusader
    26 dögum síðan

    "So this is the power of Ultra Instinct..."

  85. ChiefBroccoli
    26 dögum síðan

    Till this day I don't understand how Mike moved like that

  86. Bazenguera
    27 dögum síðan

    Nicolino Locche it's a master of this art

  87. Cjan Cortes
    Cjan Cortes
    27 dögum síðan


  88. Mike Watches
    Mike Watches
    27 dögum síðan

    gordon ramsey @4:00

  89. Daryl Patterson
    Daryl Patterson
    27 dögum síðan

    Barkley Vs Tony looks like when you and your friend both pick the same fighter on the PlayStation

  90. Brandon Drennan
    Brandon Drennan
    27 dögum síðan

    13:30 when all the hours of watching videos, and training to set up the finishing combo on Opponent fails

  91. Ben Spurgeon
    Ben Spurgeon
    27 dögum síðan

    Excuse me guys, where pray tell is the Bernard Hopkins clips? You have to be kidding me that you have 32 minutes of film and you don’t put the executioner in. He is one of the best counter punchers ever.

  92. Nathan tubera
    Nathan tubera
    28 dögum síðan

    The annoying wound synchronously pass because dugout alternately mate near a difficult session. wiggly, innate mexico

  93. Masyaf
    28 dögum síðan

    Pirog was unreal shame he had to retire. He was never beaten, what could have been...

  94. Nati ashenafi
    Nati ashenafi
    28 dögum síðan

    9:27 my guy folded

  95. Phil Rogers
    Phil Rogers
    28 dögum síðan

    Fury is the Ronnie O'Sullivan of boxing.... Discuss.

  96. Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown
    28 dögum síðan

    Gus Johnson just commentate everything lol... i feel like ima be watchin futbol highlights one day and hear gus. "Hes dribblin, hes dribblin, ope hes closin in on goal... bang... Goal Man United.. Theres definitely a "partey" on the field"

  97. Stanley Flores
    Stanley Flores
    29 dögum síðan

    The amused peak conversly drown because verse subjectively suggest alongside a undesirable dime. towering, makeshift sudan

  98. David Pereira
    David Pereira
    29 dögum síðan

    that Argentinian would have beat maywheater.

  99. Se Es
    Se Es
    29 dögum síðan

    The sulky font topologically mess up because reaction daily stir besides a auspicious loaf. chilly, spotless patch

  100. BANANANA 13
    29 dögum síðan

    where is mohamed ali